20+ Slang for Motorcycle (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Motorcycle Mean?

A “motorcycle” is a two-wheeled vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, designed for personal transportation, typically with a seat for the rider and sometimes a passenger, and handlebars for steering. It offers a popular mode of travel for both recreation and practical commuting.

Slang For Motorcycle

Slang Words for Motorcycle

Here is the list of slang words for Motorcycle with meanings:

  1. Hog: A large motorcycle, especially a Harley-Davidson.
  2. Crotch rocket: A fast, sporty type of motorcycle.
  3. Chopper: A custom motorcycle with extended forks.
  4. Bobber: A custom bike with removed or shortened fenders.
  5. Dirt bike: Off-road motorcycle built for rough terrains.
  6. Thumper: A single-cylinder motorcycle.
  7. Twin: Motorcycle with a two-cylinder engine.
  8. Rice burner: A Japanese-made motorcycle.
  9. Scoot: A general term for a small to mid-sized bike.
  10. Iron horse: Another term for a powerful motorcycle.
  11. Streetfighter: Naked or modified sport motorcycle.
  12. Tourer: A bike designed for long-distance riding.
  13. Beamer: A BMW motorcycle.
  14. Café racer: Customized bike for short, quick rides.
  15. Trike: A three-wheeled motorcycle.
  16. Enduro: Off-road motorcycle also suitable for on-road.
  17. UJM: Universal Japanese Motorcycle, standard design.
  18. Stallion: A powerful, majestic motorcycle.
  19. Cruiser: Low-slung motorcycle designed for relaxed riding.
  20. Rat bike: Bike kept running with mismatched parts.

Use of Motorcycle Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Motorcycle:

  1. I just upgraded my old bike to a hog.
  2. Look at him go on that crotch rocket!
  3. He’s building a brand new chopper in his garage.
  4. That sleek bobber caught everyone’s attention at the show.
  5. The trail is perfect for your dirt bike.
  6. The deep sound from that thumper is unmistakable.
  7. He’s a fan of the twin engine sound.
  8. My brother rides a classic rice burner.
  9. I’m taking the scoot out for a quick spin.
  10. That old iron horse has seen better days.
  11. His new streetfighter looks aggressive and fast.
  12. She’s setting off on her tourer for a month-long journey.
  13. He’s loyal to his beamer, wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  14. The local group often races their café racers downtown.
  15. The three of them rode in on a massive trike.
  16. He switches between the city and trails with his enduro.
  17. The UJM design was dominant in the ’70s and ’80s.
  18. Riding that stallion feels like dominating the road.
  19. We rode our cruisers along the coast last summer.
  20. It might look rough, but that rat bike never breaks down.

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