20+ Slang for Cousin (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Cousin Mean?

A cousin is a relative with whom you share a common grandparent or, in a broader sense, a common ancestor. The term originates from the Latin word “consobrinus,” meaning “mother’s sister’s child” or “father’s brother’s child.”

Slang For Cousin

Slang Words for Cousin

  1. Cuz: Short for cousin.
  2. Fam: Family member.
  3. Bro: Like a brother.
  4. Sis: Like a sister.
  5. Home Slice: Close friend.
  6. Day One: Known for long.
  7. Blood: Biological relative.
  8. Homie: Close friend.
  9. BFF: Best friend.
  10. Ride or Die: Loyal always.
  11. Ace: Number one friend.
  12. Main Squeeze: Important person.
  13. Road Dog: Travel companion.
  14. Partner-in-Crime: Shared mischief.
  15. Wingman: Support in social settings.
  16. Amigo: Friend, from Spanish.
  17. Buddy: Friend, pal.
  18. Sidekick: Supportive friend.
  19. Confidant: Trusted with secrets.
  20. Kindred Spirit: Soulfully connected.

Use of Cousin Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We might be related, but he’s more like a Cuz to me.
  2. Emily is not just a relative; she’s Fam.
  3. He’s my cousin, but I consider him a Bro.
  4. We’re cousins, but she’s really my Sis.
  5. Jason and I are cousins, but he’s my Home Slice too.
  6. Sarah is my cousin and my Day One.
  7. It’s not just about being cousins; we’re Blood.
  8. Sure, she’s my cousin, but she’s a Homie first.
  9. Not just my cousin, he’s my BFF.
  10. Me and my cousin are Ride or Die.
  11. She’s my Ace, even more than a cousin.
  12. As cousins, he’s my Main Squeeze in the family.
  13. My cousin is always my Road Dog on trips.
  14. My cousin and I are Partners-in-Crime at family events.
  15. At parties, my cousin becomes my Wingman.
  16. She’s my cousin but also my Amigo.
  17. Being my cousin makes him my lifelong Buddy.
  18. He’s more than a cousin; he’s my Sidekick.
  19. My cousin is my Confidant in all matters.
  20. As cousins, we are Kindred Spirits in every sense.

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