30+ Slang for People (Their Uses & Meanings)

What do People Mean?

“People” refers to a collective term for individuals, commonly used to describe a group of human beings sharing common characteristics, culture, or identity within a society or community. It emphasizes the social and diverse nature of human populations.

Slang For People

Slang Words for People

Here is the list of slang words for People with meanings:

  1. Homies – Close friends or companions from the neighborhood.
  2. Peeps – Short for ‘people’, often friends or group.
  3. Fam – Short for ‘family’; close group of friends.
  4. Crew – A group of friends; typically sharing an activity.
  5. Gang – Close-knit group, not necessarily negative.
  6. Bros – Male friends, short for ‘brothers’.
  7. Squad – Team or group, often with a shared purpose.
  8. Posse – A large group, often implying support or backup.
  9. Buddies – Friends, companions in various activities.
  10. Mates – Friends, often used in British/Australian English.
  11. Pals – Friends or companions, casual term.
  12. Dudes a general term for guys or people.
  13. Guys – General term, regardless of gender.
  14. Chaps – British term for guys or friends.
  15. Blokes – Australian/British term for men.
  16. Lads – Young men or group of guys.
  17. Gal pals – Group of female friends.
  18. Sistahs – Close group of women; denotes camaraderie.
  19. Clique – A close-knit group, sometimes exclusive.
  20. Mob – Crowd or group; not always negative.

Use of People Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of People:

  1. I met my homies at the park yesterday.
  2. Hey, have you seen my peeps around?
  3. We’re going out for dinner, want to join, fam?
  4. Our crew is competing in the dance contest.
  5. The gang gathered at Sarah’s house last night.
  6. The bros are planning a road trip next week.
  7. Our squad is ready for the big game.
  8. Jake brought his posse to the concert.
  9. My buddies and I are going fishing this weekend.
  10. I’m catching up with my mates
  11. Have you met my pals from college?
  12. Hey, where are those dudes heading?
  13. The guys are waiting outside.
  14. Let’s meet the chaps at the pub.
  15. A couple of blokes helped me move.
  16. The lads are out celebrating tonight.
  17. My gal pals are coming over for a movie night.
  18. The sistahs meet every month for brunch.
  19. That clique has been friends since middle school.
  20. There’s a mob outside waiting for the sale.

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