20+ Slang for Come On (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does come on Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

“Come on” is an idiomatic expression used to encourage someone to hurry up, proceed, or express disbelief or impatience. Its origins are uncertain, but it has been widely used in English since at least the early 20th century.

Slang For Come On

Slang Words for Come on

  1. Hurry up – Move faster
  2. Get a move on – Start moving
  3. Chop-chop – Quickly proceed
  4. Step on it – Accelerate now
  5. Let’s roll – Start moving
  6. Giddy up – Go faster
  7. Move it – Hurry up
  8. Shake a leg – Move quickly
  9. Get cracking – Begin promptly
  10. Get going – Start now
  11. On the double – Move quickly
  12. Scoot – Go fast
  13. Haul ass – Move quickly (Vulgar)
  14. Bust a move – Act swiftly
  15. Git – Go now
  16. Skedaddle – Depart quickly
  17. Hightail it – Run away fast
  18. Vamoose – Leave quickly
  19. Jet – Go fast
  20. Make tracks – Depart swiftly

Use of Come on Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Hurry up, we’re late for the movie!
  2. Get a move on, the train’s coming!
  3. Breakfast’s ready, so chop-chop!
  4. If we’re caught, we’ll be in trouble. Step on it!
  5. Pack your bags, let’s roll!
  6. Giddy up, we don’t have all day.
  7. Move it or miss the bus!
  8. Shake a leg, it’s almost sunrise!
  9. We should get cracking before dawn.
  10. Don’t dawdle, get going now.
  11. Finish the task on the double.
  12. She told him to scoot before dinner.
  13. We have to haul ass to beat traffic.
  14. The music’s on, time to bust a move!
  15. If there’s danger, just git outta there!
  16. We heard a noise, so we skedaddle.
  17. They saw the cops and hightail it.
  18. It’s your cue to vamoose, pal!
  19. I’m late, gotta jet!
  20. We should make tracks before the storm.

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