20+ Slang for Crying (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Crying Mean?

Crying is a complex emotional expression primarily involving the shedding of tears, often associated with sadness, pain, frustration, or even joy. Its origin is evolutionary, believed to have developed as a nonverbal communication tool to convey distress or needs in early human interactions.

Slang For Crying

Slang Words for Crying

  1. Bawling: Crying loudly.
  2. Blubbering: Sobbing uncontrollably.
  3. Waterworks: Shedding tears.
  4. Tearing up: Becoming emotional.
  5. Ugly crying: Crying intensely.
  6. Sniffling: Quietly crying.
  7. Weeping: Shedding tears.
  8. Welling up: Tears forming.
  9. Choked up: Emotionally overwhelmed.
  10. Losing it: Breaking down emotionally.
  11. Sobbing: Crying convulsively.
  12. Misting up: Eyes getting teary.
  13. Having a meltdown: Experiencing emotional crisis.
  14. Crying a river: Crying excessively.
  15. In tears: Emotional distress.
  16. Crying one’s eyes out: Crying intensely.
  17. Lamenting: Expressing sorrow through tears.
  18. Getting teary-eyed: Becoming emotional.
  19. Breaking down: Losing emotional control.
  20. Wailing: Crying loudly and mournfully.

Use of Crying Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He couldn’t hold back, tearing up during the touching scene.
  2. She received the news and started blubbering uncontrollably.
  3. The movie’s ending had everyone in waterworks mode.
  4. His speech was so moving that many were sniffling.
  5. The sad song had everyone weeping openly.
  6. The surprise reunion left her choked up with emotion.
  7. After the breakup, she spent nights ugly crying alone.
  8. The touching story had people welling up with tears.
  9. The loss of their pet left them sobbing for days.
  10. Under stress, he ended up losing it completely.
  11. She was misting up as she reminisced about her childhood.
  12. Amid the chaos, he had a public meltdown.
  13. His emotional breakdown had him crying a river of tears.
  14. Overwhelmed by grief, she was in tears all night.
  15. The movie was so moving, it had everyone breaking down.
  16. The funeral had everyone lamenting the loss deeply.
  17. Hearing the news, she was getting teary-eyed unexpectedly.
  18. Frustration led to him breaking down in the office.
  19. The tragic event had people wailing throughout the night.

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