30+ Slang for Strong (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Strong Mean?

“Strong” refers to having great physical power or durability, and can also denote intensity, conviction, or proficiency in a non-physical context. It signifies resilience, capability, or effectiveness in various scenarios.

Slang For Strong

Slang Words for Strong

Here is the list of slang words for Strong with meanings:

  1. Buff – Very muscular or fit.
  2. Jacked – Highly muscular, physically fit.
  3. Ripped – Having well-defined muscles.
  4. Swole – Significantly muscled or bulked.
  5. Beast – Impressive in skill or physique.
  6. Hench – Muscular, physically intimidating.
  7. Gassed – Excited, feeling empowered.
  8. Lit – Excellent, of high quality.
  9. Solid – Reliable, dependable, unyielding.
  10. Tough – Resilient, hard to defeat.
  11. Beefy – Muscular, bulky, sturdy.
  12. Pumped – Energized, ready to go.
  13. Tank – Extremely strong or durable.
  14. Brawny – Possessing physical strength.
  15. Wired – Energized, intensely focused.
  16. Hard – Tough, not easily defeated.
  17. Hearty – Robust, full of energy.
  18. Mighty – Possessing great power.
  19. Brick – Solid, unyielding, dependable.
  20. Titan – Extremely strong or influential.
  21. Bolted – Strong, built sturdily.
  22. Packed – Muscled, bulked up.
  23. Stacked – Having a lot of muscles.
  24. Gritty – Having strong resolve.
  25. Firm – Steadfast, not easily moved.
  26. Rugged – Tough, sturdy, resilient.
  27. Bulked – Increased in muscle size.
  28. Loaded – Possessing a lot, strong.
  29. Macho – Displaying aggressive masculinity.
  30. Gnarly – Exceptionally good or challenging.

Use of Strong Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Strong:

  1. He’s been working out and looks buff.
  2. After his workouts, he’s completely jacked.
  3. She trained hard and now is ripped.
  4. He’s gone to the gym and gotten swole.
  5. That player is an absolute beast on court.
  6. The new guy at the gym is hench.
  7. After the compliment, he felt totally gassed.
  8. That concert last night was totally lit.
  9. Their friendship is so solid over years.
  10. He’s known to be really tough in matches.
  11. The linebacker is incredibly beefy this season.
  12. She’s pumped for the upcoming marathon.
  13. With his stamina, he’s a total tank.
  14. He’s not just lean, he’s brawny too.
  15. After coffee, I’m totally wired for work.
  16. She’s known to be hard in negotiations.
  17. The stew was flavorful and hearty.
  18. With his resources, he’s mighty in business.
  19. The foundation of the house is brick solid.
  20. In the tech world, he’s a titan.
  21. This table is so well bolted together.
  22. After bulking season, he’s totally packed.
  23. With those arms, he’s definitely stacked.
  24. Facing adversity, she’s always been gritty.
  25. His stance on the issue is firm.
  26. The terrain was wild and rugged.
  27. After a year, he’s noticeably bulked.
  28. With assets, the company is loaded.
  29. His attitude is a bit too macho.
  30. That surf wave was absolutely gnarly.

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