20+ Slang for Cocaine (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Cocaine Mean?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug derived from the coca plant, primarily found in South America. It’s commonly used recreationally for its euphoric effects but is illegal in many jurisdictions due to its addictive nature and health risks.

Slang For Cocaine

Slang Words for Cocaine

  1. Blow: Cocaine in powdered form.
  2. Snow: White powdery cocaine.
  3. Yayo: Derived from Spanish, street cocaine.
  4. Charlie: British slang for cocaine.
  5. Dust: Fine particles of cocaine.
  6. Candy: Sweet reference for cocaine.
  7. Rails: Lines of powdered cocaine.
  8. White: Color reference for powdered cocaine.
  9. Flake: Pure or high-quality cocaine.
  10. Base: Crude form of cocaine.
  11. Rack: Line or amount of cocaine.
  12. Nose candy: Cocaine for snorting.
  13. Powder: Ground form of cocaine.
  14. Rock: Cocaine in solid form.
  15. Toot: A snort of cocaine.
  16. Bump: A small, quick dose of cocaine.
  17. C: Short form for cocaine.
  18. Line: Cocaine arranged for snorting.
  19. Fuel: Energizing effect reference.
  20. Snowball: Cocaine and heroin mix.

Use of Cocaine Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I saw him snorting some blow at the party.
  2. The song was about the dangers of snow.
  3. He was arrested for selling yayo on the corner.
  4. Charlie is a common name for it in London.
  5. That’s not sugar, it’s dust.
  6. Kids are calling it candy these days.
  7. He set up two rails on the table.
  8. That white can ruin your life.
  9. This flake is said to be the purest.
  10. The chemist converted the base to a salt.
  11. He took a rack before heading to the dance floor.
  12. Nose candy isn’t as innocent as it sounds.
  13. The powder form is the most common.
  14. Dealers often sell rock in the streets.
  15. Just one toot can get you hooked.
  16. She took a quick bump in the restroom.
  17. There’s a song that references C.
  18. He divided the gram into several lines.
  19. People take it as fuel for late-night parties.
  20. Mixing snowball is a dangerous game.

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