30+ Slang for Touchdown (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Touchdown Mean?

“Touchdown” refers to the moment an aircraft’s wheels make contact with the ground during landing. In American football, it also denotes a scoring play where a player carries or catches the ball into the opposing team’s end zone.

Slang For Touchdown

Slang Words for Touchdown

Here is the list of slang words for Touchdown with meanings:

  1. Score: Achieve points in a game.
  2. Six: Six points in football.
  3. Tally: Add to the score.
  4. TD: Abbreviation for touchdown.
  5. Sixer: Six-point score.
  6. Paydirt: End zone or scoring area.
  7. House: Taking it all the way.
  8. Endzone: Scoring area in football.
  9. Home: Making it to the end.
  10. Trip: Getting to the end zone.
  11. Landing: Making it safely (non-sport).
  12. Zone: Short for end zone.
  13. Finish: Completion or end.
  14. Takedown: Wrestling term, similar achievement.
  15. Drop: Get the ball in.
  16. Nail: Secure a score.
  17. Sink: Successfully get points.
  18. Cash: Score or succeed.
  19. Bank: Secure points in a game.
  20. Punch: Achieve a score firmly.
  21. Bury: Ensure a certain win.
  22. Seal: Confirm the score.
  23. Lock: Secure the points.
  24. Plant: Secure the ball down.
  25. Stick: Make it count.
  26. Net: Achieve in soccer terms.
  27. Dunk: Score in basketball.
  28. Slam: Forcefully score points.
  29. Bag: Secure the score.
  30. Pocket: Keep the points safe.

Use of Touchdown Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Touchdown:

  1. He managed to score before halftime.
  2. That’s a quick six for the team!
  3. Watch him tally another for the win.
  4. He just made another TD this quarter.
  5. That was an unexpected sixer from him!
  6. He ran straight into the paydirt.
  7. He’s going to the house with speed!
  8. He’s unstoppable in the endzone today.
  9. He’s almost home with the ball.
  10. What a trip to the goal line!
  11. The plane had a smooth landing.
  12. He sprinted into the zone confidently.
  13. It’s a strong finish by the team.
  14. That was an impressive takedown by him.
  15. He managed to drop it in perfectly.
  16. He’ll nail this shot, just watch.
  17. Did you see him sink that one?
  18. He knows how to cash in opportunities.
  19. That’s how you bank a free throw.
  20. Watch him punch in another score.
  21. He’ll bury the opposition with that move.
  22. That shot will seal their victory.
  23. They’ll lock this win down now.
  24. He managed to plant it just right.
  25. He made it stick with precision.
  26. He’s trying to net from a distance.
  27. Watch him dunk with such elegance!
  28. That was a powerful slam dunk!
  29. He managed to bag another point.
  30. They’ll pocket this win with ease.

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