20+ Slang for Classy (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Classy Mean?

“Classy” refers to displaying grace, elegance, and sophistication in behavior, manner, or style. The term likely originates from the word “class,” denoting a high standard of quality or social standing.

Slang For Classy

Slang Words for Classy

  1. Chic – Stylish and fashionable.
  2. Swanky – Luxurious and elegant.
  3. Posh – High-class, fancy.
  4. Snazzy – Stylishly fancy.
  5. Dapper – Neat, well-dressed.
  6. Glam – Short for glamorous.
  7. Fly – Cool, stylish.
  8. Decked Out – Fully accessorized.
  9. Bougie – Aspiring to be classy.
  10. Polished – Refined, well-presented.
  11. Suave – Smooth, sophisticated.
  12. Sharp – Smartly dressed.
  13. Natty – Neat, stylish.
  14. Sophisto – Short for sophisticated.
  15. Slick – Smooth and stylish.
  16. Trendy – Currently fashionable.
  17. Ritzy – Luxuriously elegant.
  18. Flossy – Showy but classy.
  19. Spiffy – Smart and stylish.
  20. Luxe – Short for luxurious.

Use of Classy Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The new restaurant downtown is incredibly chic.
  2. He wore a swanky suit to the gala.
  3. She lives in a posh neighborhood.
  4. Those are some snazzy shoes you’re wearing.
  5. The gentleman looked quite dapper in his tuxedo.
  6. She looked glam at the movie premiere.
  7. Those sunglasses make you look really fly.
  8. She was decked out for the evening event.
  9. The cafe has a somewhat bougie atmosphere.
  10. Her resume was incredibly polished and professional.
  11. He has a suave way of speaking.
  12. You look sharp in that new outfit.
  13. His natty attire caught everyone’s attention.
  14. The artwork in the gallery was rather sophisto.
  15. The car’s design is sleek and slick.
  16. The store sells trendy home decor.
  17. They stayed at a ritzy hotel in Paris.
  18. Her jewelry was flossy but not ostentatious.
  19. The waiter looked spiffy in his uniform.
  20. The handbag was made of luxe leather.

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