20+ Slang for Bottom (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Bottom Mean?

“Bottom” primarily refers to the lowest part or point of something. Its origin traces back to Old English “botm,” meaning “ground” or “foundation.”

Slang For Bottom

Slang Words for Bottom

  1. Booty – The buttocks
  2. Buns – The buttocks
  3. Rump – The buttocks
  4. Backside – Rear part of body
  5. Caboose – The rear end
  6. Tush or Tushy – The buttocks
  7. Duff – The rear end
  8. Fanny (US) – The buttocks; (UK) – Female genitalia
  9. Hindquarters – Rear part of body
  10. Keister – The buttocks
  11. Derrière – The buttocks (from French)
  12. Seat – The buttocks
  13. Tail – The rear end
  14. Behind – The buttocks
  15. Posterior – The rear part
  16. Heinie – The buttocks
  17. Trunk – The rear part
  18. Cheeks – The buttocks
  19. Sit-upon – The buttocks
  20. Badonkadonk – Large buttocks

Use of Bottom Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She danced, shaking her booty to the beat.
  2. Those jeans highlight her buns perfectly.
  3. He fell right on his rump during soccer.
  4. She turned, showing her backside to the camera.
  5. The train’s caboose was painted bright red.
  6. Kids, sit on your tush and listen.
  7. Don’t just sit on your duff all day!
  8. He accidentally kicked her fanny.
  9. The horse’s hindquarters were strong and muscular.
  10. Put your wallet in your keister pocket.
  11. That dress accentuates her derrière elegantly.
  12. He spilled coffee on his seat.
  13. The dog wagged its tail happily.
  14. He felt a pinch on his behind.
  15. The jeans hugged her posterior just right.
  16. Don’t fall and bruise your heinie!
  17. Elephants have a huge trunk.
  18. Sunburn on the cheeks can be painful!
  19. Put a cushion on your sit-upon.
  20. That song’s about a badonkadonk and dancing.

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