26 Australian slang words for food with meanings pdf

Australian slang words for food! 26 aussie slang words are listed with their meanings. You can use these slangs in your daily conversation when talking about food. This lesson is very useful for those who are preparing for IELTS.

Australian slang words for food

  1. Mushies — Mushrooms
  2. Jaffle — Toasted sandwich
  3. Chook — Chicken
  4. Flat white — Coffee with milk
  5. Chewie — Chewing gum
  6. Lollies — Sweets
  7. Dog’s eye — Meat pie
  8. Sambo — Sandwich
  9. Slab — 24 cans of beer
  10. Icy pole — it is lavoured ice treat on a stick
  11. Spag bol — Spaghetti bolognaise
  12. Sanga — Same as sambo
  13. Bubbles — Sparkling wine
  14. BLT — Bacon lettuce tomato sandwich
  15. Schnitty — Schnitzel, a breaded chicken/veal fillet
  16. Tinnie — Can of beer
  17. Cuppa — Cup of tea
  18. Stubby — A small bottle of beer
  19. Tucker — Food
  20. Roadie — Taking a drink on the way with you
  21. Avo — Avocado
  22. Vino — Wine
  23. Snag — Sausage
  24. Choccy biccy — Chocolate biscuit
  25. Pavlova — Meringue based dessert pavlova. It is named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It is very crispy and delicious. It is pronounced as the name of a singer. This pavlova is very crispy and topped with fruit and cream, and soft light inside.
  26. Lamington — It is squared shape and made from butter squares, and covered in chocolate and coconut flakes.

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