20+ Slang for An Old Person (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does An Old Person Mean?

“An old person” refers to an individual who has advanced in age, typically beyond middle age, and is in the later stages of their life. The term is relative and can vary based on cultural and societal norms, but it generally refers to someone who has experienced a significant number of years and may exhibit characteristics associated with aging.

Slang For An Old Person

Slang Words for An Old Person

Here is the list of slang words for An Old Person:

  1. Geezer
  2. Codger
  3. Old-timer
  4. Fogey (or old fogey)
  5. Coot
  6. Old bat
  7. Graybeard
  8. Ancient
  9. Elder
  10. Wrinkly
  11. Oldie
  12. Geriatric
  13. Golden ager
  14. Oldster
  15. Senior
  16. Dinosaur
  17. Methuselah
  18. Old goat
  19. Old bean
  20. Long in the tooth

Slang Terms for An Old Person with Meanings

  1. Geezer: An elderly man.
  2. Codger: Old and sometimes grumpy man.
  3. Old-timer: Person of advanced age.
  4. Fogey (or old fogey): Outdated, old-fashioned individual.
  5. Coot: Elderly, often eccentric man.
  6. Old bat: Elderly, often cranky woman.
  7. Graybeard: Man with gray/white facial hair.
  8. Ancient: Very old person.
  9. Elder: Senior or aged person.
  10. Wrinkly: Affectionate term for old person.
  11. Oldie: Elderly individual.
  12. Geriatric: Relating to old age.
  13. Golden ager: Senior citizen, retired person.
  14. Oldster: Another term for an elderly person.
  15. Senior: Older person, especially over 60-65.
  16. Dinosaur: Person seen as obsolete/outdated.
  17. Methuselah: Extremely old person (Biblical reference).
  18. Old goat: Affectionately refers to an old man.
  19. Old bean: British slang for an old friend.
  20. Long in the tooth: Descriptive of aging, typically referencing the appearance of gums receding in older age.

Use of An Old Person Slang in Example Sentences

  1. My neighbor is quite the geezer now.
  2. That codger always has a story to tell.
  3. He’s an old-timer from the jazz era.
  4. She calls anyone with a flip phone a fogey.
  5. That coot feeds pigeons every morning.
  6. My aunt’s a charming old bat at times.
  7. With his graybeard, he looks like a wizard.
  8. He’s an ancient but still dances well!
  9. She’s the elder of our community group.
  10. My grandpa’s laugh lines make him look wrinkly.
  11. That oldie can still belt out classic tunes!
  12. The club offers discounts for the geriatric crowd.
  13. My mom’s a proud golden ager with spirit.
  14. That oldster knows all the town’s secrets.
  15. The park is popular among seniors on Sundays.
  16. She jokes that fax users are dinosaurs.
  17. At 90, he’s the Methuselah of our family.
  18. He’s a stubborn old goat, but we love him.
  19. How have you been, my dear old bean?
  20. After years, his smile is long in the tooth.

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