20+ Slang for Anus (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What Does Anus Mean?

The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive tract through which solid waste (feces) is expelled from the body. It is also part of the body’s structure known as the anal region.

Slang For Anus

Slang Words for Anus

Here is the list of slang words for Anus:

  1. Butt
  2. Rear
  3. Bum
  4. Booty
  5. Derrière
  6. Tush
  7. Tail
  8. Backdoor
  9. Keister
  10. Seat
  11. Rump
  12. Fanny
  13. Backside
  14. Caboose
  15. Posterior
  16. Hiney
  17. Tushie
  18. Bottom
  19. Duff
  20. Behind

Use of Anus Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She fell right on her butt.
  2. The sunburn on your rear is so uncomfortable.
  3. He bruised his bum while skating.
  4. That dance move shook her booty.
  5. Her dress highlighted her elegant derrière.
  6. Kids, sit on your tush.
  7. The cat wagged its tail happily.
  8. He sneaked in through the backdoor.
  9. Sat on his keister all day.
  10. Don’t just warm the seat, work!
  11. His rump got stuck in the chair.
  12. In the US, fanny pack means waist-bag.
  13. Skinny jeans emphasize one’s backside.
  14. The kids giggled at the word caboose.
  15. The model flaunted her toned posterior.
  16. She slapped his hiney playfully.
  17. The baby’s tushie is super soft.
  18. She has a tattoo on her bottom.
  19. He landed right on his duff.
  20. Watch your behind on the ice!

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