20+ Slang for Cowboy (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Cowboy Mean?

The term “cowboy” originally referred to cattle herders in North America, especially those skilled in horseback riding and roping. The word’s origins are from the Spanish “vaquero,” which means cowherd.

Slang For Cowboy

Slang Words for Cowboy

  1. Buckaroo – Young cowboy
  2. Cowpoke – Cattle herder
  3. Wrangler – Horse caretaker
  4. Rustler – Cattle thief
  5. Greenhorn – Inexperienced person
  6. Tenderfoot – Newcomer, novice
  7. Broncobuster – Tames wild horses
  8. Gunslinger – Skilled with guns
  9. Outlaw – Criminal, fugitive
  10. Dogie – Orphaned calf
  11. Grubstake – Food and supplies
  12. Hoss – Heavy, strong horse
  13. Lasso – Rope for catching
  14. Maverick – Unbranded cattle
  15. Rodeo – Cowboy sports event
  16. Spurs – Metal heel spikes
  17. Stampede – Panicked animal run
  18. Saddle Tramp – Wandering cowboy
  19. Trail Boss – Lead cowboy
  20. Yeehaw – Excited cowboy yell

Use of Cowboy Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He’s just a young buckaroo learning the ropes.
  2. Jane worked as a cowpoke on the ranch.
  3. Tim got a job as a wrangler for the summer.
  4. The sheriff caught the rustler stealing cattle.
  5. The greenhorn struggled to ride the horse.
  6. Being a tenderfoot, he needed a lot of training.
  7. Joe is a skilled broncobuster in these parts.
  8. She’s known as the fastest gunslinger in town.
  9. They say he became an outlaw after the duel.
  10. We have to take care of that dogie.
  11. He offered a grubstake to the prospectors.
  12. That hoss can carry twice the weight.
  13. He caught the steer with his lasso easily.
  14. We found a maverick grazing near the river.
  15. The annual rodeo is the highlight of the year.
  16. His spurs jingled as he walked into the saloon.
  17. The stampede was caused by a rattlesnake.
  18. He lived as a saddle tramp, traveling from ranch to ranch.
  19. The trail boss decided the path we should take.
  20. The crowd screamed yeehaw when he rode the bull.

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