30 Funny Ways to Say How Are You

Funny Ways to Say How Are You

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say How Are You:

  1. Still in one piece?
  2. How’s the soup stirring?
  3. What’s the 411?
  4. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
  5. What’s buzzing, cuzzie?
  6. How’s the jungle, Tarzan?
  7. Been to Wonderland recently?
  8. Enjoying the space-time continuum?
  9. How’s the magic in the air?
  10. How’s the force with you today?
  11. How’s the cat herding going?
  12. Any updates from Planet You?
  13. How’s the rollercoaster called life treating you?
  14. You still kicking?
  15. Still a rockstar?
  16. How’s the universe treating you?
  17. What’s shaking, bacon?
  18. How’s the wild ride on Earth today?
  19. How’s life in your zoo?
  20. Picked up any superpowers yet?
  21. How’s your noodle doing?
  22. How’s your mojo today?
  23. Living the dream or having a scream?
  24. Alien abduction stories to share?
  25. How’s it hanging?
  26. How’s the cereal, still crunchy?
  27. How’s the weather in your world?
  28. Got any good news or fake news for me?
  29. How’s the vibe tribe?
  30. Catch any good vibes today?


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Funny Ways to Say How Are You