Box Plural, What is the plural of Box?

Meaning of Box is

a container with a flat base and sides.

Singular and Plural of Box

Singular Plural
Box Boxes

Box as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He packed his belongings into a cardboard box.
  2. She received a package in the mail and opened the box excitedly.
  3. The jewelry was carefully stored in a velvet-lined box.
  4. The delivery person dropped the box off at the front door.
  5. She placed the fragile vase in a sturdy wooden box.
  6. The shoe store displayed its merchandise in transparent plastic boxes.
  7. He organized his paperwork in a stackable file box.
  8. The gift came in an elegantly wrapped box with a bow.
  9. The lost and found department kept a collection of unclaimed boxes.
  10. The pizza arrived in a square cardboard box.

Box as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They packed their belongings into several cardboard boxes.
  2. The movers loaded the heavy furniture into the moving boxes.
  3. The warehouse stored the merchandise in stacks of wooden boxes.
  4. She labeled the storage boxes to easily identify their contents.
  5. The children played with empty cardboard boxes, creating forts.
  6. They received a shipment of product boxes at the loading dock.
  7. The store offered a discount for purchasing multiple shoe boxes.
  8. She unpacked the moving boxes and organized the items in their new home.
  9. The office had a designated area for recycling cardboard boxes.
  10. They donated their old books by filling up several large boxes.

Singular Possessive of Box

The singular possessive form of “Box” is “Box’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Box:

  1. I found a gift inside Box’s lid.
  2. The weight of Box’s contents surprised me.
  3. Box’s dimensions are listed on the label.
  4. The color of Box’s ribbon matches the wrapping.
  5. The lock on Box’s front is broken.
  6. Box’s cardboard is sturdy and thick.
  7. I wrote my name on Box’s side.
  8. Box’s handle snapped off during transport.
  9. Box’s top is slightly dented.
  10. She wrapped Box’s edges with tape.

Plural Possessive of Box

The plural possessive form of “Box” is “Boxes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Box:

  1. Boxes’ contents were carefully packed.
  2. She labeled all the Boxes’ destinations.
  3. The weight of the Boxes’ shipments exceeded the limit.
  4. Boxes’ corners were reinforced with extra tape.
  5. She stacked the Boxes’ neatly in the corner.
  6. The handles on the Boxes’ sides are sturdy.
  7. Boxes’ sizes vary from small to large.
  8. The color of the Boxes’ lids matches the packaging.
  9. Boxes’ labels indicate their fragility.
  10. She arranged the Boxes’ shapes to fit perfectly.

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