Trolley Plural, What is the Plural of Trolley?

Meaning: a large metal basket or frame on wheels

Singular and Plural of Trolley

Singular Plural
trolley trolleys

Trolley as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She placed the groceries on the shopping trolley.
  2. The hotel porter wheeled the luggage on a metal trolley.
  3. The nurse pushed the medical supplies on the hospital trolley.
  4. The kids took turns riding the toy trolley around the house.
  5. He loaded the boxes onto the airport luggage trolley.
  6. The waiter cleared the table with a wooden food trolley.
  7. The janitor maneuvered the cleaning supplies on a wheeled trolley.
  8. The street vendor moved the cart-like trolley through the crowd.
  9. The library staff organized the books on the mobile book trolley.
  10. The delivery driver loaded the packages onto the delivery trolley.

Trolley as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The supermarket provided multiple shopping trolleys for customers.
  2. The airport had rows of luggage trolleys for travelers.
  3. The factory workers pushed heavy equipment on large industrial trolleys.
  4. The theme park offered train-like trolleys for visitors to ride.
  5. The convention center had a fleet of electric trolleys for transportation.
  6. The warehouse stored merchandise on metal storage trolleys.
  7. The museum displayed antique horse-drawn trolleys.
  8. The city’s public transportation system included tram-like trolleys.
  9. The train station had designated areas for returning the train station trolleys.
  10. The shopping mall had brightly colored plastic shopping trolleys for children.

Singular Possessive of Trolley

The singular possessive form of “Trolley” is “Trolley’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Trolley:

  1. The handle of trolley’s was comfortable to grip.
  2. The shopper loaded groceries onto the trolley’s.
  3. The airport provided trolley’s for luggage convenience.
  4. The child enjoyed riding the trolley’s at the amusement park.
  5. Trolley’s wheels glided smoothly on the tracks.
  6. The store organized items on the trolley’s shelves.
  7. The traveler pushed the trolley’s through the terminal.
  8. The conductor guided the passengers onto the trolley’s.
  9. The maintenance crew inspected the trolley’s for any defects.
  10. The shopper returned the trolley’s to the designated area.

Plural Possessive of Trolley

The plural possessive form of “Trolley” is “Trolleys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Trolley:

  1. The supermarket had multiple trolleys’ available for customers.
  2. The theme park provided trolleys’ for visitors’ convenience.
  3. The train station offered a fleet of trolleys’ for luggage.
  4. The city maintained the tracks for the trolleys’.
  5. Trolleys’ capacities varied depending on the model.
  6. The operators monitored the movement of trolleys’.
  7. The commuters boarded the trolleys’ during rush hour.
  8. The passengers loaded their belongings onto the trolleys’.
  9. The store stocked a wide range of items on the trolleys’.
  10. The workers cleaned and maintained the trolleys’ regularly.

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