Shorts Plural, What is the Plural of Shorts?

Meaning: short trousers, reach only to knees

Plural of Shorts

Singular Plural
shorts shorts

Synonyms of Shorts

  • underwear
  • undershorts
  • underpants
  • drawers
  • briefs
  • boxers

Singular Noun “shorts” in Example Sentences:

  1. I need to buy a new pair of shorts for my upcoming vacation.
  2. His favorite piece of clothing is a comfortable pair of shorts.
  3. The athlete wore a pair of shorts during the marathon.
  4. She looked stylish in her denim shorts and a white blouse.
  5. The dress code for the event allows women to wear dresses or shorts.
  6. The little boy happily ran around the yard in his bright red shorts.
  7. I prefer wearing shorts during the hot summer months.
  8. The fashion store had a great selection of trendy shorts for women.
  9. He spilled some juice on his shorts and had to change into clean ones.
  10. The basketball player wore long shorts to protect his legs during the game.

Plural Noun “shorts” in Example Sentences:

  1. The store has a wide variety of shorts for sale.
  2. They packed several pairs of shorts for their beach vacation.
  3. The team wore matching red and white shorts for the game.
  4. The fashion show featured models wearing different styles of shorts.
  5. We need to sort the clean laundry into piles of shirts, pants, and shorts.
  6. The kids excitedly picked out their favorite shorts from the clothing store.
  7. The store’s summer collection includes colorful and comfortable shorts.
  8. The athletes changed into their track shorts before the race.
  9. The school uniform policy allows students to wear navy blue or khaki shorts.
  10. The hikers wore lightweight shorts to stay cool during the hike.

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