Poster Plural, What is the Plural of Poster?

Meaning: a large printed picture used for decoration.

Singular and Plural of Poster


Poster as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She bought a new poster to decorate her room.
  2. The movie theater displayed a giant poster of the upcoming film.
  3. The museum sold posters of famous artworks.
  4. He hung a vintage music poster on his wall.
  5. The band members signed the concert poster.
  6. The book fair featured a poster promoting literacy.
  7. The school organized a poster contest for Earth Day.
  8. The political campaign distributed posters throughout the city.
  9. The art exhibition showcased a collection of stunning posters.
  10. The science fair had an informative poster about space exploration.

Poster as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The walls of his room were covered in band posters.
  2. The music festival handed out colorful event posters.
  3. She collected vintage movie posters as a hobby.
  4. The classroom walls were adorned with educational posters.
  5. The gallery displayed a series of abstract art posters.
  6. The concert venue sold limited edition concert posters.
  7. The store had a clearance sale on movie posters.
  8. The students designed eye-catching science project posters.
  9. The subway station displayed advertising posters.
  10. The art students created collaborative art installation posters.

Singular Possessive of Poster

The singular possessive form of “Poster” is “Poster’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Poster:

  1. The poster’s design caught the attention of passersby.
  2. The artist signed their name on the bottom of the poster’s print.
  3. The event organizer praised the poster’s eye-catching colors.
  4. The collector admired the poster’s rarity and condition.
  5. The museum displayed the poster’s historical significance.
  6. The designer incorporated the poster’s theme into the overall campaign.
  7. The fan proudly displayed the poster’s autograph from their favorite celebrity.
  8. The seller listed the poster’s dimensions and material in the description.
  9. The movie promotion relied on the poster’s visual appeal to attract audiences.
  10. The classroom showcased the poster’s educational content for students.

Plural Possessive of Poster

The plural possessive form of “Poster” is “Posters'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Poster:

  1. The gallery exhibited the posters’ artistic styles and techniques.
  2. The collectors valued the posters’ authenticity and condition.
  3. The designers showcased the posters’ range of themes and concepts.
  4. The event organizers distributed the posters’ promotional materials to various locations.
  5. The enthusiasts discussed the posters’ historical significance in online forums.
  6. The auction house listed the posters’ provenance and previous owners.
  7. The art students analyzed the posters’ composition and visual elements.
  8. The bookstore dedicated a section to the posters’ iconic movie covers.
  9. The advertisers displayed the posters’ captivating images in high-traffic areas.
  10. The graphic design competition recognized the posters’ creativity and originality.

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