Chalk Plural, What is the Plural of Chalk?

Meaning: a white soft earthy limestone (calcium carbonate).

Plural of CHALK

Singular Plural
Chalk Chalks

Synonyms of CHALK

  • clastic rock
  • conglomerate
  • limestone
  • lithified sediment

Chalk as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher wrote on the board with chalk.
  2. The child drew a picture with colorful chalk.
  3. The dust from the chalk irritated my allergies.
  4. The artist used chalk to create a sidewalk mural.
  5. Can you pass me the white chalk?
  6. The gymnast’s hands were covered in chalk.
  7. The blackboard was covered in white chalk.
  8. The teacher’s fingers were coated with chalk.
  9. The children played hopscotch with chalk.
  10. The climber marked the route with chalk.

Chalk as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children used different colored chalks to draw.
  2. The sidewalk was covered in vibrant chalks.
  3. The artist had a collection of pastel chalks.
  4. The teacher handed out boxes of chalks to the students.
  5. The drawing was made with multiple shades of chalks.
  6. The gymnasts’ hands were covered in colored chalks.
  7. The mural was created using various hues of chalks.
  8. The art store sells different types of chalks.
  9. The children played a game of tag using chalks.
  10. The sidewalk was decorated with colorful chalks.

Singular Possessive of Chalk

The singular possessive form of “Chalk” is “Chalk’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Chalk:

  1. The teacher’s pointer was covered in Chalk’s dust.
  2. The precision of the artist’s lines impressed Chalk’s critics.
  3. The texture of the sidewalk captured Chalk’s unique character.
  4. The color of the board reflected Chalk’s vibrant hues.
  5. The sound of the screeching brought Chalk’s presence to life.
  6. The aroma of the classroom reminded me of Chalk’s distinct scent.
  7. The grip of the gymnast’s hands left marks on Chalk’s surface.
  8. The versatility of the craftsman’s tool allowed for intricate Chalk’s patterns.
  9. The athlete’s performance showcased Chalk’s remarkable properties.
  10. The scientist’s experiments aimed to understand Chalk’s chemical composition.

Plural Possessive of Chalk

The plural possessive form of “Chalk” is “Chalks'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Chalk:

  1. The children’s drawings covered the sidewalks with Chalks’ colors.
  2. The teachers’ boards were covered in various Chalks’ marks.
  3. The artists’ techniques showcased different Chalks’ effects.
  4. The gymnasts’ routines highlighted their mastery of Chalks’ grip.
  5. The classrooms’ walls displayed students’ creativity with Chalks’ medium.
  6. The climbers’ hands were coated with Chalks’ powdery residue.
  7. The sidewalks’ surfaces were decorated with numerous Chalks’ illustrations.
  8. The researchers’ findings shed light on Chalks’ diverse uses.
  9. The athletes’ equipment included bags of different Chalks’ types.
  10. The manufacturers’ labels emphasized Chalks’ durability and quality.

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