Bild Plural, What is the plural of Bild?

Meaning of Bild is

image, picture, photo, painting, illustration.

Singular and Plural of Bild

Singular Plural
Bild Bild

Bild as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Bild captured a dramatic moment in sports history.
  2. I read an interesting article in the Bild today.
  3. The front page of the Bild featured a breaking news story.
  4. The photographer won an award for their striking Bild.
  5. A compelling Bild can evoke strong emotions.
  6. The journalist conducted an in-depth interview for the Bild.
  7. The newspaper published an exclusive Bild of the celebrity wedding.
  8. The editor-in-chief reviewed the latest edition of the Bild.
  9. The readers eagerly awaited the next issue of the Bild.
  10. The Bild provided extensive coverage of the political event.

Bild as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Bilds showcased a variety of captivating photographs.
  2. I enjoy browsing through different Bilds for inspiration.
  3. The gallery exhibited a collection of powerful Bilds.
  4. The photographers submitted their best Bilds for the competition.
  5. The museum featured an exhibition of renowned artist’s Bilds.
  6. The online platform allowed users to share their favorite Bilds.
  7. The students analyzed various Bilds in their art class.
  8. The website displayed a slideshow of breathtaking Bilds.
  9. The magazine featured a special edition with exclusive Bilds.
  10. The art enthusiasts discussed the meaning behind the displayed Bilds.

Singular Possessive of Bild 

The singular possessive form of “Bild” is “Bild’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bild:

  1. The newspaper reported the Bild’s front-page headline.
  2. The journalist captured the essence of the Bild’s story.
  3. The editor praised the depth of the Bild’s investigative reporting.
  4. The photographer snapped a picture for the Bild’s feature article.
  5. The reader enjoyed the variety of topics covered in the Bild’s columns.
  6. The reporter interviewed the subject of the Bild’s exclusive interview.
  7. The headline on the Bild’s website grabbed attention.
  8. The columnist expressed Bild’s opinion on the current events.
  9. The publisher celebrated the success of the Bild’s circulation.
  10. The writer researched for Bild’s upcoming special edition.

Plural Possessive of Bild 

The plural possessive form of “Bild” is “Bilds'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bild:

  1. The newspapers competed for readership against each other with their Bilds’ headlines.
  2. The journalists collaborated on the Bilds’ investigative report.
  3. The editors discussed the layout of the Bilds’ front pages.
  4. The photographers shared their best shots for the Bilds’ articles.
  5. The readers enjoyed the diversity of opinions presented in the Bilds’ columns.
  6. The reporters conducted interviews for the Bilds’ upcoming features.
  7. The headlines on the Bilds’ websites created a buzz.
  8. The columnists expressed Bilds’ perspectives on different topics.
  9. The publishers analyzed the circulation numbers of the Bilds’ publications.
  10. The writers contributed their articles to the Bilds’ special editions.

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