Bacillus Plural, What is the plural of Bacillus?

Meaning of Bacillus

The meaning of BACILLUS is: a rod-shaped bacterium.

Singular and Plural of Bacillus

The plural of Bacillus is bacilli.

Singular Plural
Bacillus Bacilli

Bacillus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. A single bacillus can multiply rapidly under favorable conditions.
  2. The scientist observed a motile bacillus under the microscope.
  3. The laboratory technician cultured the bacillus for further analysis.
  4. The presence of a pathogenic bacillus indicated a potential infection.
  5. The medical report identified the causative agent as a specific bacillus.
  6. The research paper describes the morphology of the identified bacillus.
  7. The discovery of a new species of bacillus is a significant finding.
  8. The treatment involves targeting the growth of the harmful bacillus.
  9. The study investigates the antibiotic resistance of the isolated bacillus.
  10. The vaccination aims to protect against the disease caused by the bacillus.

Bacillus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The soil samples contained various types of bacilli.
  2. The microbiologist studied the behavior of different species of bacilli.
  3. The laboratory analyzed the genetic diversity among the isolated bacilli.
  4. The research focuses on the interactions between multiple bacilli.
  5. The antibiotics showed efficacy against a wide range of bacilli.
  6. The identification process involves distinguishing between different bacilli.
  7. The study compares the virulence factors of various bacilli.
  8. The experiment examines the susceptibility of different bacilli to disinfectants.
  9. The article discusses the role of environmental factors in the growth of bacilli.
  10. The presence of drug-resistant bacilli poses a challenge for treatment.

Singular Possessive of Bacillus:

  1. The Bacillus’s growth was observed closely.
  2. The scientist analyzed the Bacillus’s genetic makeup.
  3. The research focused on Bacillus’s survival mechanisms.
  4. The Bacillus’s enzymes were studied extensively.
  5. The Bacillus’s offspring inherited certain traits.
  6. Bacillus’s resistance to antibiotics was discovered.
  7. The role of Bacillus’s in disease transmission was explored.
  8. The lab provided conditions for Bacillus’s growth.
  9. Temperature affects Bacillus’s metabolism significantly.
  10. The ecological impact of Bacillus’s interactions was discussed.

Plural Possessive of Bacillus:

  1. Samples were collected from various Bacilli’s habitats.
  2. The effects of Bacilli’s toxins were studied.
  3. Genetic diversity among Bacilli’s populations was analyzed.
  4. Researchers examined Bacilli’s resistance to drugs.
  5. Growth rates of different Bacilli’s species were compared.
  6. Bacilli’s role in soil fertility was investigated.
  7. The ecological impact of Bacilli’s dispersal was discussed.
  8. The lab prepared the medium for Bacilli’s cultivation.
  9. Bacilli’s response to stress was observed in the experiment.
  10. Conserving Bacilli’s habitats was deemed important.

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