Audience Plural, What is the plural of Audience?

Meaning of Audience

The meaning of AUDIENCE is: the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting.

Singular and Plural of Audience

The plural of Audience is audiences.

Singular Plural
Audience Audiences

Audience as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The speaker addressed the audience with enthusiasm.
  2. The singer captivated the audience with her powerful voice.
  3. The comedian entertained the audience with his witty jokes.
  4. The teacher engaged the audience with interactive activities.
  5. The actor received a standing ovation from the audience.
  6. The presenter tailored the speech to the audience‘s interests.
  7. The author interacted with the audience during the book signing.
  8. The politician appealed to the audience‘s values and concerns.
  9. The magician amazed the audience with mind-bending tricks.
  10. The preacher delivered a heartfelt sermon to the audience.

Audience as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The concert drew large audiences from all over the city.
  2. The theaters welcomed diverse audiences for their performances.
  3. The TV show attracted millions of audiences each week.
  4. The film received positive reviews from both critics and audiences.
  5. The conference hosted international audiences of professionals.
  6. The festival featured screenings for different audiences.
  7. The band’s music appealed to a wide range of audiences.
  8. The play resonated with audiences of all ages.
  9. The marketing campaign reached target audiences effectively.
  10. The comedian’s jokes connected with audiences across cultures.

Singular Possessive of Audience

The singular possessive form: Audience’s.


  1.   The performer engaged the Audience’s attention from the start.
  2.    The audience’s feedback is crucial for improving the show.
  3.   The speaker tailored the presentation to meet the Audience’s needs.
  4.   The playwright crafted the play to captivate the Audience’s emotions.
  5.    The audience’s enthusiasm energized the performers.
  6.   The concert catered to the Audience’s diverse musical preferences.
  7.   The comedian’s jokes resonated with the Audience’s sense of humor.
  8.    The audience’s applause filled the theater after a stunning performance.
  9.   The survey aimed to understand the Audience’s satisfaction levels.
  10. The audience’s participation created an interactive and engaging experience.

Plural Possessive of Audience 

The plural possessive form: Audiences’.


  1.   The festival attracted diverse Audiences’ from different regions.
  2.   The theaters offered a variety of performances to suit Audiences’ preferences.
  3.   Audiences’ reactions varied throughout the film screening.
  4.   The concert showcased the talent of different artists for various Audiences’.
  5.   The marketing team analyzed Audiences’ responses to the advertising campaign.
  6.   The speakers engaged with the Audiences’ questions during the panel discussion.
  7.   The event organizers aimed to create memorable experiences for the Audiences’.
  8.   The research focused on understanding Audiences’ engagement with online content.
  9.   Audiences’ expectations shape the success of a live performance.
  10.   The study investigated how Audiences’ tastes evolve over time.

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