Recipe Plural, What is the Plural of Recipe?

Meaning: a set of instructions for preparing dish

Singular and Plural of Recipe


Recipe as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She followed the recipe to bake a delicious cake.
  2. The chef shared her secret pancake recipe.
  3. The cookbook included a simple pasta sauce recipe.
  4. He searched for a healthy smoothie recipe online.
  5. The recipe called for fresh ingredients and precise measurements.
  6. She enjoyed experimenting with new dessert recipes.
  7. The blog featured a mouthwatering chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  8. The recipe book provided step-by-step instructions for a gourmet meal.

Recipe as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She collected various recipes for baking cakes.
  2. The chefs exchanged their secret recipes.
  3. The cookbooks included multiple pasta sauce recipes.
  4. They tried different healthy smoothie recipes.
  5. The recipes called for fresh ingredients and precise measurements.
  6. They shared their favorite dessert recipes with each other.
  7. The blogs featured a variety of chocolate chip cookie recipes.
  8. The recipe books provided a wide range of gourmet meal recipes.

Singular Possessive of Recipe 

The singular possessive form of “Recipe” is “Recipe’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Recipe:

  1. I followed Recipe’s instructions to bake a delicious cake.
  2. The chef shared Recipe’s secret ingredient with me.
  3. The cookbook included Recipe’s favorite dessert.
  4. The website featured Recipe’s award-winning recipe.
  5. The food blogger added Recipe’s tips for perfecting the dish.
  6. The restaurant published Recipe’s signature dish in their menu.
  7. The cooking show host demonstrated Recipe’s step-by-step process.
  8. The chef’s apron showcased Recipe’s logo.
  9. The food magazine highlighted Recipe’s culinary expertise.
  10. The baker revealed Recipe’s special technique for fluffy bread.

Plural Possessive of Recipe 

The plural possessive form of “Recipe” is “Recipes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Recipe:

  1. The cookbook contained various Recipes’ from around the world.
  2. The website featured a collection of different Recipes’ for pasta dishes.
  3. The cooking class taught us how to prepare different Recipes’ for appetizers.
  4. The food blog shared a compilation of healthy Recipes’ for breakfast.
  5. The restaurant offered a menu with different Recipes’ for seafood.
  6. The chef’s cookbook featured a chapter dedicated to vegetarian Recipes’.
  7. The cooking competition showcased the contestants’ unique Recipes’.
  8. The cooking magazine published a special edition featuring readers’ favorite Recipes’.
  9. The culinary school provided a booklet with classic French Recipes’.
  10. The TV show invited viewers to submit their original Recipes’ for a chance to win.

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