River Plural, What is the Plural of River?

Meaning: a large natural stream of water flowing

Singular and Plural of River

Singular Plural
river rivers

River as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The river flowed peacefully through the forest.
  2. She sat by the river and enjoyed the tranquility.
  3. The boat glided along the calm river waters.
  4. He crossed the narrow river using the rope bridge.
  5. The fisherman cast his line into the swift river.
  6. The source of the river is high up in the mountains.
  7. They built a dam to control the river flow.
  8. The river meandered through the picturesque valley.
  9. The children splashed and played in the shallow river.
  10. The river flooded after heavy rainfall.

River as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The two rivers merged to form a larger waterway.
  2. The region is known for its scenic rivers.
  3. The explorers navigated through treacherous rivers.
  4. They canoed down multiple winding rivers.
  5. The valley is surrounded by majestic rivers.
  6. The wildlife thrives near the pristine rivers.
  7. The fishermen cast their nets into the abundant rivers.
  8. The tributaries flow into larger rivers.
  9. They sailed along the ancient trade routes of the rivers.
  10. The region’s economy relies heavily on its navigable rivers.

Singular Possessive of River 

The singular possessive form of “River” is “River’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of River:

  1. The water flowed swiftly along River’s banks.
  2. We enjoyed a picnic by River’s side.
  3. River’s source is in the mountains.
  4. Can you hear River’s soothing sound?
  5. The boat sailed along River’s course.
  6. River’s depth varies at different locations.
  7. River’s current carried away the debris.
  8. River’s water level rose after the rain.
  9. River’s wildlife is diverse and abundant.
  10. River’s serenity provided a peaceful atmosphere.

Plural Possessive of River 

The plural possessive form of “River” is “Rivers'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of River:

  1. We explored the various Rivers’ tributaries.
  2. Rivers’ confluence creates a magnificent sight.
  3. The region is known for Rivers’ natural beauty.
  4. Rivers’ courses shape the landscape.
  5. Can you identify the species living in Rivers’ ecosystems?
  6. The fishermen rely on Rivers’ resources for their livelihood.
  7. Rivers’ waters sustain a rich diversity of life.
  8. The explorers ventured into uncharted Rivers’ territories.
  9. Rivers’ meandering paths create picturesque scenes.
  10. We observed the changing colors of Rivers’ waters.

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