Itinerary Plural, What is the plural of Itinerary?

Meaning: a planned route or journey.

Plural of Itinerary

Singular Plural
Itinerary Itineraries

Itinerary as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He handed me the travel itinerary for our trip.
  2. She carefully planned her daily itinerary for the conference.
  3. The tour guide provided us with a detailed itinerary.
  4. They followed the suggested itinerary for the sightseeing tour.
  5. The bride-to-be finalized the wedding itinerary for the guests.
  6. The travel agency emailed us the updated itinerary.
  7. The professor distributed the class itinerary for the semester.
  8. The company arranged a business itinerary for the executive.
  9. The travel agent recommended an adventurous itinerary.
  10. We adjusted our vacation itinerary due to bad weather.

Itinerary as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group discussed their travel itineraries for the weekend.
  2. The company provided personalized itineraries for each employee.
  3. The tourists compared their sightseeing itineraries.
  4. The conference attendees received their conference itineraries.
  5. The travel agency created custom vacation itineraries.
  6. The students submitted their proposed research itineraries.
  7. The company organized multiple training itineraries for the employees.
  8. The travelers adjusted their flight itineraries due to delays.
  9. The team members coordinated their meeting itineraries.
  10. The travelers exchanged tips on creating efficient itineraries.

Singular Possessive of Itinerary

The singular possessive form of “Itinerary” is “Itinerary’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Itinerary:

  1. I lost my itinerary’s details.
  2. Can you update the itinerary’s schedule?
  3. The responsibility for the itinerary’s accuracy rests on you.
  4. The changes to the itinerary’s timing were communicated.
  5. The airline misplaced my itinerary’s confirmation.
  6. The traveler followed the itinerary’s recommendations.
  7. The success of the trip depended on the itinerary’s organization.
  8. The tour guide explained the itinerary’s highlights.
  9. I need to review the itinerary’s notes before the meeting.
  10. The modifications to the itinerary’s route were necessary.

Plural Possessive of Itinerary

The plural possessive form of “Itinerary” is “Itineraries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Itinerary:

  1. The travel agency manages multiple itineraries’ details.
  2. The conference participants received their itineraries’ packets.
  3. The group discussed the itineraries’ overlapping schedules.
  4. The clients requested changes to their itineraries’ accommodations.
  5. The tour operators finalized the itineraries’ inclusions.
  6. The travelers shared their itineraries’ experiences with others.
  7. The project team compared the different itineraries’ costs.
  8. The travel website offers various itineraries’ options.
  9. The company provided the employees’ itineraries’ guidelines.
  10. The travelers appreciated the itineraries’ flexibility.

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