Power Plural, What is the Plural of Power?

Meaning: capacity to do something

Singular and Plural of Power

Singular Plural
Power Powers

Power as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The power outage lasted for several hours.
  2. She held the power to make important decisions.
  3. He demonstrated his power by lifting heavy weights.
  4. The windmill generates clean, renewable power.
  5. The CEO’s power within the company is unmatched.
  6. She used her power to advocate for change.
  7. The solar panels harness the sun’s power.
  8. He possessed the power to influence public opinion.
  9. The politician abused his power for personal gain.
  10. The battery provides backup power during blackouts.

Power as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The government is investing in alternative powers.
  2. They rely on multiple sources of renewable powers.
  3. The engineers designed a system to distribute electrical powers.
  4. The countries collaborated to develop nuclear powers.
  5. The conference discussed the future of clean powers.
  6. The grid supplies electricity to neighboring powers.
  7. The company invested in wind and solar powers.
  8. They researched different forms of sustainable powers.
  9. The city implemented measures to conserve natural powers.
  10. The industry is transitioning towards greener powers.

Singular Possessive of Power

The singular possessive form of “Power” is “Power’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Power:

  1. The CEO held all the decision-making power’s.
  2. The superhero harnessed the power’s of lightning.
  3. The inventor’s creation changed the world with its power’s.
  4. The politician sought to increase their power’s in the government.
  5. The leader commanded the power’s of persuasion.
  6. The magician amazed the audience with their mystical power’s.
  7. The writer’s pen held the power’s of storytelling.
  8. The athlete demonstrated the power’s of endurance and strength.
  9. The ruler’s authority derived from their inherited power’s.
  10. The scientist explored the power’s of the atom.

Plural Possessive of Power

The plural possessive form of “Power” is “Powers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Power:

  1. The CEOs held all the decision-making powers’.
  2. The superheroes combined their powers’ to defeat the villain.
  3. The inventors’ creations changed the world with their powers’.
  4. The politicians sought to increase their powers’ in the government.
  5. The leaders commanded the powers’ of influence and authority.
  6. The magicians amazed the audience with their mystical powers’.
  7. The writers’ pens held the powers’ of creativity and imagination.
  8. The athletes demonstrated their powers’ of speed and agility.
  9. The rulers’ authority derived from their inherited powers’.
  10. The scientists explored the powers’ of nature and the universe.

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