Princess Plural, What is the Plural of Princess?

Meaning: the daughter of a monarch

Singular and Plural of Princess


Princess as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The princess walked gracefully down the grand staircase.
  2. Everyone admired the beauty of the princess in the ballroom.
  3. The young princess wore a sparkling tiara on her head.
  4. The wise princess ruled her kingdom with fairness and kindness.
  5. The royal princess waved to the cheering crowd from her carriage.
  6. The lonely princess longed for true love to come her way.
  7. The brave princess embarked on a quest to rescue her kingdom.
  8. The elegant princess danced with grace at the royal ball.
  9. The little princess had a collection of beautiful dolls.
  10. The charming princess greeted her guests with a warm smile.

Princess as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fairytale kingdom was filled with many princesses.
  2. The group of young girls dressed up as princesses for Halloween.
  3. The storybook featured courageous princesses who saved the day.
  4. The Disney movie showcased strong and independent princesses.
  5. The enchanted forest was home to a magical gathering of princesses.
  6. The little girls giggled with excitement when they saw the Disney princesses.
  7. The royal ballroom was adorned with portraits of legendary princesses.
  8. The kingdom celebrated the coronation of two twin princesses.
  9. The theater production brought to life a cast of talented princesses.
  10. The fairytale castle hosted a grand tea party for all the little princesses.

Singular Possessive of Princess 

The singular possessive form of “Princess” is “Princess’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Princess:

  1. The Princess’s tiara sparkled in the sunlight.
  2. I admired the Princess’s elegant gown.
  3. The knight knelt before the Princess’s throne.
  4. The audience applauded the Princess’s speech.
  5. I gazed at the beauty of the Princess’s castle.
  6. The photographer captured the Princess’s radiant smile.
  7. The king announced the Princess’s engagement.
  8. The servants prepared the Princess’s chamber for the night.
  9. The prince held the Princess’s hand as they danced.
  10. The poet composed a sonnet for the Princess’s honor.

Plural Possessive of Princess 

The plural possessive form of “Princess” is “Princesses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Princess:

  1. The Princesses’ crowns gleamed with jewels.
  2. We admired the elegance of the Princesses’ gowns.
  3. The knights pledged their loyalty to the Princesses’ kingdom.
  4. The audience stood in awe of the Princesses’ beauty.
  5. We marveled at the grandeur of the Princesses’ castles.
  6. The photographers captured the Princesses’ radiant smiles.
  7. The kings announced the Princesses’ engagements.
  8. The servants prepared the Princesses’ chambers for the night.
  9. The princes held the Princesses’ hands as they danced.
  10. The poets composed sonnets in honor of the Princesses’ reign.

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