Nemesis Plural, What is the Plural of Nemesis?

Meaning: inescapable agent of someone’s downfall

Singular and Plural of Nemesis

Singular Plural
nemesis nemeses

Nemesis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My nemesis always seems to be one step ahead.
  2. The detective finally caught his elusive nemesis.
  3. John’s nemesis in the competition was his own brother.
  4. The CEO saw the new startup as a potential nemesis.
  5. Sarah’s academic nemesis won the scholarship she wanted.
  6. The superhero vowed to defeat his arch nemesis.
  7. After years of rivalry, he finally vanquished his nemesis.
  8. The chess master’s nemesis was a 10-year-old prodigy.
  9. The professor’s intellectual nemesis challenged her theories.
  10. The cat considered the mouse to be its eternal nemesis.

Nemesis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hero’s greatest nemeses joined forces against him.
  2. The team faced multiple nemeses in the championship.
  3. The detective had a long list of criminal nemeses.
  4. The superhero fought bravely against his powerful nemeses.
  5. The company’s main nemeses were their competitors.
  6. The captain led his crew against a fleet of formidable nemeses.
  7. The teacher addressed the students’ academic nemeses.
  8. The boxer defeated all his previous nemeses.
  9. The protagonist had to overcome his personal nemeses to succeed.
  10. The spy organization faced numerous international nemeses.

Singular Possessive of Nemesis:

  1. Nemesis’s wrath was swift and merciless.
  2. The heroes were cautious of Nemesis’s next move.
  3. Nemesis’s plan for revenge was finally revealed.
  4. The defeat left a scar on Nemesis’s pride.
  5. The legend spoke of Nemesis’s ultimate downfall.
  6. The city trembled under Nemesis’s oppressive rule.
  7. The protagonist challenged Nemesis’s authority and power.
  8. The story explored the depths of Nemesis’s dark heart.
  9. Nemesis’s presence lingered ominously in the room.
  10. The hero’s destiny was intertwined with Nemesis’s fate.

Plural Possessive of Nemesis:

  1. The heroes united against Nemeses’ combined strength.
  2. The kingdoms were at the mercy of Nemeses’ wrath.
  3. The gods feared the awakening of Nemeses’ fury.
  4. The legends foretold the gathering of Nemeses’ disciples.
  5. The war was waged between Nemeses’ rival factions.
  6. The kingdoms fell under Nemeses’ relentless assault.
  7. The heroes faced the challenge of defeating Nemeses’ minions.
  8. The world trembled under Nemeses’ collective might.
  9. The prophecy spoke of Nemeses’ ultimate defeat.
  10. The bards sang tales of Nemeses’ reign of terror.

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