Stoma Plural, What is the Plural of Stoma?

Meaning: an artificial opening made into a hollow organ

Plural of Stoma

Singular Plural
stoma Stomata/stomas

 Synonyms of Stoma

  • vesicle
  • sweat gland
  • outlet
  • orifice
  • opening
  • foramen

Stoma as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patient’s stoma required regular cleaning and care.
  2. The surgeon created a small stoma to divert the bowel.
  3. The nurse provided instructions on how to manage the stoma.
  4. The medical supplies included bags for the colostomy stoma.
  5. The ostomy nurse taught the patient how to change the stoma
  6. The patient experienced complications with their stoma.
  7. The doctor examined the appearance of the abdominal stoma.
  8. The caregiver helped the elderly person maintain their stoma
  9. The support group provided resources for individuals with a stoma.
  10. The nurse monitored the output from the ileostomy stoma.

Stoma as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The surgeon performed a procedure on multiple stomata.
  2. The patient’s condition required the creation of two stomata.
  3. The medical team monitored the functioning of the colostomata.
  4. The ostomy nurse provided education on caring for the stomata.
  5. The caregiver had experience managing different types of stomata.
  6. The support group offered guidance to individuals with ileostomata.
  7. The doctor examined the health of the various stomata.
  8. The patient needed specialized supplies for their multiple stomata.
  9. The nurse assessed the condition of the urostomata.
  10. The medical literature discussed the care of different types of stomata.

Singular Possessive of Stoma

The singular possessive form of “Stoma” is “Stoma’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Stoma:

  1. Stoma’s function is to facilitate gas exchange.
  2. We observed Stoma’s opening and closing mechanism.
  3. The biologist studied Stoma’s structure under the microscope.
  4. Stoma’s regulation of water loss is crucial for plants.
  5. We learned about Stoma’s role in photosynthesis.
  6. Stoma’s size varies depending on environmental conditions.
  7. The scientist examined Stoma’s response to different stimuli.
  8. Stoma’s density affects the plant’s overall water balance.
  9. Stoma’s guard cells control the opening and closing process.
  10. The researcher discovered a new type of Stoma’s arrangement.

Plural Possessive of Stoma

The plural possessive form of “Stoma” is “Stomata’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Stoma:

  1. The plant’s leaves have many stomata’s on their surface.
  2. We examined the stomata’s role in transpiration.
  3. The biologist researched the stomata’s sensitivity to light.
  4. Stomata’s size affects the plant’s gas exchange rate.
  5. We counted the number of stomata’s in different plant species.
  6. The researcher studied the stomata’s behavior under stress.
  7. Stomata’s function is to regulate water vapor loss.
  8. The study focused on the stomata’s response to temperature changes.
  9. Stomata’s distribution pattern varies across plant families.
  10. The botanist investigated the stomata’s evolution over time.

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