Queen Plural, What is the Plural of Queen?

Meaning: the female ruler of an independent state

Singular and Plural of Queen


Queen as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The queen greeted her subjects with a warm smile.
  2. The queen wore a stunning gown for the royal banquet.
  3. People lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the queen.
  4. The queen delivered a powerful speech to the nation.
  5. Her Majesty, the queen, celebrated her diamond jubilee.
  6. The queen waved graciously from the royal carriage.
  7. The young princess aspires to become a future queen.
  8. The queen addressed the concerns of her people.
  9. The queen presided over the opening ceremony of the Olympics.
  10. The queen graciously granted an audience to the visiting dignitaries.

Queen as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The chess players strategized with their queens.
  2. The card game requires matching pairs of queens.
  3. The group of bees swarmed around their queens.
  4. The ancient civilization revered their warrior queens.
  5. The queens ruled their respective kingdoms with wisdom.
  6. The chess tournament featured skilled players and their queens.
  7. The hive had multiple queens coexisting harmoniously.
  8. The mythological story depicted fierce battles between rival queens.
  9. The queens of the ant colony were responsible for reproduction.
  10. The historical exhibition showcased portraits of influential queens.

Singular Possessive of Queen 

The singular possessive form of “Queen” is “Queen’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Queen:

  1. The crown is Queen’s most iconic symbol.
  2. We visited Queen’s residence during the tour.
  3. The royal family resides in Queen’s palace.
  4. Queen’s reign brought significant changes to the country.
  5. The jewel belongs to Queen’s personal collection.
  6. We admired the elegance of Queen’s attire.
  7. The nation celebrated Queen’s jubilee with grand festivities.
  8. Queen’s portrait hangs in the gallery of national heroes.
  9. The citizens expressed loyalty to Queen’s leadership.
  10. The historian documented Queen’s achievements in her book.

Plural Possessive of Queen 

The plural possessive form of “Queen” is “Queens'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Queen:

  1. Queens’ coronations have always been grand events.
  2. The queens’ portraits were displayed in the museum.
  3. The region is known for Queens’ natural beauty.
  4. The council discussed Queens’ economic development plans.
  5. The artists showcased their work at Queens’ art gallery.
  6. We explored the history of Queens’ ancient civilizations.
  7. The kingdom honored Queens’ contributions to society.
  8. Queens’ presence at the event attracted media attention.
  9. The schools in Queens’ district provide quality education.
  10. The queens’ charitable foundation supports various causes.

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