40+ Negative Words That Start With Z

Negative Words That Start With Z

List of 30 Negative Words that Start With Z

Here is a list of negative words that start with the letter “z”.

  • Zealot
  • Zealotry
  • Zero
  • Zeroed
  • Zilch
  • Zigzag
  • Zombie
  • Zone out
  • Zapped
  • Zero-sum
  • Zeroing
  • Zonked
  • Zero-rated
  • Zany
  • Zip
  • Zeroth
  • Zephyr
  • Zipless
  • Zinc-deficient
  • Zeros
  • Zero-growth
  • Zero-tolerance
  • Zero visibility
  • Zoned-out
  • Zoophobe
  • Zoophobia
  • Zootoxic
  • Zygodactyl
  • Zonk out
  • Zoom fatigue

Negative Words That Start With z

Bad/Negative Adjectives That Start With Z

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words That Start With Z To Describe A Person

Here are negative words that start with ‘Z’ to describe a person:

  • Zealous (in a negative sense): Overenthusiastic to the point of being fanatical.
  • Zany: Eccentric and silly to an excessive or annoying degree.
  • Zealot: An extreme and uncompromising advocate for a cause.
  • Zapped: Mentally drained and lacking energy or motivation.
  • Zonked: Exhausted and mentally foggy, often due to overexertion.
  • Zero-sum: Focused solely on personal gain, with no consideration for others.
  • Zigzagging: Indecisive and inconsistent in behavior or actions.
  • Zoned out: Mentally disconnected and inattentive.
  • Zapped: Drained in energy and enthusiasm.
  • Zoophobic: Having an irrational fear of animals.

Negative Words That Start With Z To Describe A Place

Here are Negative Words That Start With “Z” to describe a place:

  • Zombified: A place devoid of life or energy, like a zombie.
  • Zigzagged (Path): Indirect and erratic, often leading to confusion.
  • Zeroed (Hope): Lacking hope or prospects, reduced to nothing.
  • Zealous (Unwanted): Overly enthusiastic or fervent in a way that’s unwanted or extreme.
  • Zapped (Energy): Depleted of energy or vitality.
  • Zoned-out: Unfocused and detached, often implying disinterest or absentmindedness.
  • Zippy (Atmosphere): Hyperactive and frenetic, creating an uncomfortable or overwhelming atmosphere.
  • Zapped (Vibrancy): Drained of vibrancy or color, dull and lifeless.
  • Zonal (Conflict): Divided into different zones of conflict or tension.
  • Zoophobic (Environment): A place characterized by fear or aversion towards animals or nature.

Negative Words That Start With Z To Describe A Thing

Here are Negative Words That Start With “Z” to describe a thing:

  • Zany: Unconventional, eccentric, or absurd in a way that is off-putting.
  • Zapped: Drained of energy or vitality, often suddenly or unexpectedly.
  • Zealous: Excessively enthusiastic or fervent, often suggesting a lack of balance.
  • Zigzagged: Moving or proceeding in a sharp, erratic, and irregular manner.
  • Zapped: Struck or hit suddenly, often causing damage or disruption.
  • Zonked: Exhausted or worn out to the point of being nonfunctional.
  • Zero-sum: Describing a situation where one person’s gain is equal to another person’s loss.
  • Zilch: Nothing at all, suggesting a complete lack or absence.
  • Zombie-like: Displaying characteristics of being lifeless, apathetic, or devoid of personality.
  • Zygomatic: Referring to the cheekbone or facial structure, not inherently negative but can describe something anatomically or medically problematic.

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