100 Negative Words That Start With L

Negative words beginning with the letter ‘L’ can be just as expressive and impactful as any others. In this blog post, we’re going to delve into some of these ‘L’ words, particularly focusing on bad words and negative adjectives.

From ‘lamentable’ to ‘loathsome’, we’ll explore their meanings and the nuances they bring to our language. Learning about these words not only enriches our vocabulary but also aids us in articulating difficult feelings and situations more precisely.

Let’s embark on a linguistic journey to understand the intriguing world of negative ‘L’ words.

Negative Words That Start With L

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter L:

  1. Labored: Done with great effort
  2. Laborious: Requiring considerable time and effort
  3. Labyrinthine: Complicated and confusing
  4. Lacerate: Tear or deeply cut
  5. Laceration: A deep cut or tear
  6. Lachrymose: Tearful or given to weeping
  7. Lack: Be without or deficient in
  8. Lackadaisical: Lacking enthusiasm and determination
  9. Lackluster: Lacking in vitality, force, or conviction
  10. Lame: Unable to walk normally
  11. Lame-duck: Ineffective or powerless
  12. Lamely: In a weak or unconvincing manner
  13. Lament: Mourn a person’s loss or death
  14. Lamentable: Full of or expressing sorrow
  15. Lamentably: Regrettably; in an unfortunate manner
  16. Lamentation: The passionate expression of grief
  17. Lamenting: Expressing sorrow
  18. Languid: Displaying or having disinclination for physical exertion
  19. Languidly: In a lethargic and unenergetic manner
  20. Languidness: The state of being unenergetic or lethargic
  21. Languish: Lose or lack vitality
  22. Languished: Suffered from being forced to remain in an unpleasant place
  23. Languishing: Failing to make progress
  24. Languishingly: In a manner indicating a lack of energy
  25. Languishment: The state of pining or yearning
  26. Languor: The state of feeling tired and relaxed
  27. Languorously: In a dreamy, lazy manner
  28. Larcenous: Having the character of theft
  29. Larceny: Theft of personal property
  30. Lascivious: Feeling or revealing an overt sexual desire
  31. Lasciviously: In a lustful or lewd manner
  32. Latchkey: A key of an outer door
  33. Lateness: The quality of being late
  34. Lax: Not sufficiently strict or severe
  35. Laxity: Lack of strictness or care
  36. Lazy: Unwilling to work or use energy
  37. Lazy-bones: A lazy person
  38. Lazybones: An idle and lazy person
  39. Leaden: Dull, heavy, or slow
  40. Leaking: Permitting liquid to escape
  41. Leaky: Having a hole or gap
  42. Lecherous: Showing excessive sexual interest
  43. Lecherously: In a lewd and lustful manner
  44. Leech: A person who extorts others
  45. Leer: Look or gaze in an unpleasant way
  46. Leeriness: Cautious distrust
  47. Lenient: More merciful or tolerant
  48. Lethal: Sufficient to cause death
  49. Lethally: In a manner causing death
  50. Lethargic: Affected by lethargy; sluggish
  51. Lethargy: A lack of energy and enthusiasm
  52. Lewd: Crude and offensive in a sexual way
  53. Lewdness: The quality of being crude or offensive sexually
  54. Liability: The state of being responsible for something
  55. Licentious: Promiscuous and unprincipled
  56. Lie: An intentionally false statement
  57. Life-destroying: Capable of ruining or ending a life
  58. Lifeless: Devoid of life
  59. Lifelessly: In a manner devoid of life
  60. Limbo: An uncertain period of awaiting a decision
  61. Limitation: A restriction or bounding line
  62. Limp: Walk with difficulty due to injury
  63. Listless: Lacking energy or enthusiasm
  64. Listlessly: Without energy or enthusiasm
  65. Litigious: Prone to engage in lawsuits
  66. Livid: Extremely angry
  67. Loathe: Feel intense dislike or disgust
  68. Loathsome: Causing hatred or disgust
  69. Lockdown: Confinement of prisoners in cells
  70. Lockout: Exclusion of employees by employer
  71. Lofty: Of imposing height or noble
  72. Logy: Sluggish or groggy
  73. Loitering: Stand or wait around idly
  74. Loll: Sit, lie, or stand lazily
  75. Loneliness: Sadness due to no companions
  76. Long-faced: Looking sad or dismal
  77. Long-winded: Continuing at tedious length
  78. Loon: A silly or foolish person
  79. Loophole: Ambiguity or inadequacy in law
  80. Loosely: Not tightly or securely
  81. Lopsided: Heavier or larger on one side
  82. Lose: Be deprived of something
  83. Loser: A person who fails frequently
  84. Losingly: In a losing manner
  85. Loss: The fact of losing something
  86. Lost: Unable to find one’s way
  87. Lousy: Very poor or bad
  88. Loutish: Uncouth and aggressive
  89. Loveless: Without love or affection
  90. Lowliness: The quality of being humble
  91. Ludicrous: So foolish, unreasonable, or out of place
  92. Ludicrously: In a foolish or unreasonable manner
  93. Lugubrious: Looking or sounding sad
  94. Lugubriously: In a mournful or dismal manner
  95. Lumpish: Slow-witted or unresponsive
  96. Lurid: Very vivid in color or description
  97. Lurk: Remain hidden to ambush
  98. Lurking: Present but not visible
  99. Lustful: Full of or motivated by lust
  100. Lying: Not telling the truth

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Negative Adjectives Starting With L

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With L To Describe A Person

  • Liar: Someone who habitually tells falsehoods.
  • Lazy: Unwilling to work or make an effort; indolent.
  • Lethargic: Lacking energy and motivation; sluggish.
  • Loudmouthed: Talkative and boastful in an obnoxious way.
  • Loathsome: Extremely repulsive and unpleasant.
  • Lukewarm: Showing a lack of enthusiasm or passion.
  • Lecherous: Excessively focused on sexual desires.
  • Loser: Someone who consistently fails or underachieves.
  • Litigious: Prone to engaging in legal disputes or lawsuits.
  • Loutish: Ill-mannered and crude in behavior.

Negative Words With L To Describe A Place

  • Lifeless: Devoid of vitality or activity, lacking signs of life.
  • Languid: Slow-moving, lethargic, and lacking energy or enthusiasm.
  • Lurid: Shocking, sensational, and often involving inappropriate or explicit details.
  • Lousy: Extremely poor in quality or value, disappointing.
  • Lonely: Isolated and lacking companionship or connection.
  • Labyrinthine: Complicated and confusing, like a maze.
  • Lamentable: Regrettable and deserving of grief or sorrow.
  • Littered: Cluttered with debris or trash, unkempt.
  • Loathsome: Repulsive and arousing intense dislike or disgust.
  • Lawless: Chaotic and lacking proper governance or order.

Negative Words With L To Describe A Thing

  • Lethargic: Sluggish, lacking energy, and showing little interest or enthusiasm.
  • Lingering: Persisting for an extended period, often causing annoyance or discomfort.
  • Lousy: Poor or of very low quality; unpleasant or contemptible.
  • Loathsome: Extremely repugnant or disgusting; causing intense dislike.
  • Lurid: Sensationalized or shocking in a distasteful or offensive way.
  • Labyrinthine: Complicated, intricate, and confusing like a maze.
  • Lamentable: Deserving of regret or sorrow; unfortunate or pitiful.
  • Lax: Careless, lacking strictness, or not sufficiently attentive.
  • Loquacious: Excessively talkative in a tedious or trivial manner.
  • Lopsided: Uneven or unbalanced in shape, appearance, or distribution.

Curse Words That Start With L

Here is a list of some bad and insult words with L & their meanings, that are used in our daily conversation;

Note: These words are offensive and provided solely for educational purposes.


Meaning: Insult implying someone is boring or pathetic.


Meaning: Insult refers to someone’s weight.


Meaning: Lesbain means homosexual woman.


Meaning: Slang, sometimes derogatory, for a lesbian.


Meaning: Slang for a lesbian, sometimes derogatory.

Negative Words That Start With l

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