100 Negative Words That Start With J

Jumping into the world of ‘J’ words, we often find expressions that can cast a shadow over conversations. This blog post is dedicated to exploring negative words that start with the letter ‘J’.

From ‘jealous’ to ‘judgmental’, we’ll break down their meanings and how they’re used in everyday language. These words, while challenging, enrich our understanding of the English language and allow us to articulate complex feelings and scenarios more effectively.

Let’s journey through these ‘J’ words and discover their unique impact.

Negative Words That Start With J

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter J:

  1. Jabber: Talk rapidly and excitedly
  2. Jaded: Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm
  3. Jadedly: In a jaded manner
  4. Jadedness: The state of being jaded
  5. Jagged: Having rough, sharp points
  6. Jailer: A person in charge of a jail
  7. Jargon: Special words used by a particular group
  8. Jarring: Incongruous in a striking way
  9. Jaundiced: Affected by bitterness or resentment
  10. Jealous: Feeling resentment against someone
  11. Jealousy: Envy of someone’s achievements
  12. Jeer: Make rude and mocking remarks
  13. Jeering: Making rude and mocking remarks
  14. Jeeringly: In a jeering manner
  15. Jeopardize: Put something in danger
  16. Jeopardous: Involving jeopardy; dangerous
  17. Jeopardy: Danger of loss, harm, or failure
  18. Jerky: Characterized by quick, abrupt movements
  19. Jesting: Speaking or acting in a joking manner
  20. Jettison: Throw or drop from an aircraft
  21. Jibe: An insulting or mocking remark
  22. Jilt: Suddenly end a romantic relationship
  23. Jilted: Suddenly abandoned in a relationship
  24. Jingoistic: Extremely patriotic; nationalistic
  25. Jinx: Bring bad luck to
  26. Jinxed: Having bad luck
  27. Jinxing: Causing bad luck
  28. Jittery: Nervous or unable to relax
  29. Jobless: Without a paid job
  30. Jolt: Push or shake abruptly
  31. Jostle: Push, elbow, or bump against
  32. Jovial: Cheerful and friendly
  33. Joykiller: Someone who spoils the enjoyment
  34. Joyless: Without joy or happiness
  35. Joylessness: The state of being without joy
  36. Judder: Shake or vibrate rapidly
  37. Judgement: The ability to make considered decisions
  38. Judgmental: Having or displaying an excessively critical point of view
  39. Judiciousness: Having, showing, or doing with good judgment
  40. Jumble: Mix up in a confused way
  41. Jumbled: Mixed up in a confused way
  42. Jumpy: Anxious and uneasy
  43. Junk: Old or discarded articles
  44. Junky: Cheap or of poor quality
  45. Justifiable: Able to be shown to be right
  46. Juvenile: Relating to young people

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Negative Adjectives Starting With J

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With J To Describe A Person

  • Jealous: Envious of others’ achievements and possessions.
  • Judgmental: Quick to form critical opinions about others.
  • Jaded: Bored and unenthusiastic due to overexposure or experience.
  • Jittery: Nervous and easily agitated in various situations.
  • Joyless: Lacking happiness and unable to experience joy.
  • Jingoistic: Excessively patriotic and nationalistic, often to an extreme.
  • Jinxed: Unluckily prone to negative outcomes or events.
  • Jerky: Rude and abrupt in behavior and actions.
  • Jarring: Causing discomfort or shock due to incongruity.
  • Joy-killing: Dampening the enjoyment or enthusiasm of others.

Negative Words With J To Describe A Place

  • Jarring: Disruptive and unpleasantly shocking to the senses.
  • Joyless: Lacking happiness, devoid of joy or pleasure.
  • Jaded: Worn out and lacking enthusiasm due to overexposure.
  • Jinxed: Cursed or unlucky, bringing misfortune to the place.
  • Judgmental: Harshly critical and prone to passing negative judgments.
  • Jarring: Disturbingly out of harmony or inconsistent.
  • Jittery: Nervous and uneasy, causing discomfort in the place.
  • Jarring: Incongruous and clashing with the surroundings.
  • Jeopardized: Put at risk or in danger of harm.
  • Joyless: Lacking any source of happiness or delight.

Negative Words With J To Describe A Thing

  • Joyless: Lacking happiness or pleasure; devoid of joy.
  • Jeopardizing: Putting something at risk or in danger.
  • Jumbled: Mixed up in a disorderly or confused manner.
  • Jarring: Shocking or disturbing, often due to an abrupt contrast.
  • Jinxed: Cursed or plagued by bad luck.
  • Jealous: Envious or resentful of someone else’s possessions, qualities, or successes.
  • Jaded: Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm due to overexposure or experience.
  • Judgmental: Quick to criticize and form negative opinions about others.
  • Jittery: Nervous or anxious, often causing shaky movements.
  • Joy-killing: Ruining or dampening the enjoyment or happiness of a situation.

Curse Words That Start With J

Here is a list of some bad and insult words with J & their meanings, that are used in our daily conversation;

Note: These words are offensive and provided solely for educational purposes.


Meaning: Insult implying someone is foolish or annoying.


Meaning: Derogatory term, similar to jerk off.


Meaning: Racist term against Japanese people.

Jerk off

Meaning: Insult or the act of masturbating.


Meaning: Insult implying someone is unpleasant or foolish.


Meaning: Racist term against Black people.


Meaning: Slang for semen.

Jungle bunny

Meaning: Racist term against Black people.


Meaning: Alternative form of jungle bunny.

Negative Words That Start With j

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