100 Negative Words That Start With O

Negative words that begin with the letter ‘O’ can be just as impactful as those from any other part of the alphabet. In today’s blog post, we’re going to dive into some of these ‘O’ words, highlighting various negative adjectives and expressions.

From ‘obnoxious’ to ‘oppressive’, we’ll explore their meanings and how they’re commonly used. These words not only enrich our vocabulary but also help us articulate difficult feelings and scenarios more effectively.

Let’s journey together into the intriguing world of negative ‘O’ words.

Negative Words That Start With O

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter O:

  1. Obdurate: Stubbornly refusing to change
  2. Object: Express disapproval or disagreement
  3. Objectify: Treat as an object
  4. Objectiveness: The quality of being objective
  5. Obnoxious: Extremely unpleasant
  6. Obscene: Offensive or disgusting
  7. Obsolete: No longer produced or used
  8. Obstinate: Stubbornly refusing to change
  9. Obstipation: Severe or chronic constipation
  10. Obstruct: Block or hinder
  11. Obstructive: Causing deliberate difficulties
  12. Obtrude: Impose or force something
  13. Obtrusive: Noticeable in an unwelcome way
  14. Obtund: Dull or blunt a feeling
  15. Obtuse: Annoyingly insensitive or slow
  16. Obviate: Remove a need or difficulty
  17. Odious: Extremely unpleasant; repulsive
  18. Odoriferous: Having a strong or distinct smell
  19. Off-putting: Unpleasant, repulsive
  20. Offensive: Causing someone to feel deeply hurt
  21. Officious: Intrusively enthusiastic in offering help
  22. Officiousness: The quality of being officious
  23. Offputting: Unpleasant, repulsive
  24. Offputtingly: In an off-putting manner
  25. Ominous: Giving the impression something bad will happen
  26. Onerous: Involving great effort and difficulty
  27. Onerously: In an onerous manner
  28. Openly hostile: Showing clear and undisguised hostility
  29. Operose: Involving or displaying much industry
  30. Opponent: A person who opposes
  31. Opposed: In opposition to
  32. Oppressive: Unjustly inflicting hardship
  33. Opprobrious: Expressing scorn or criticism
  34. Opprobrium: Harsh criticism or censure
  35. Oppugnant: In opposition; antagonistic
  36. Orneriness: Mean-spirited disagreeable contrariness
  37. Ornery: Bad-tempered and combative
  38. Ostentatious: Designed to impress or attract notice
  39. Out of date: No longer current or fashionable
  40. Out of line: Inappropriate or improper
  41. Out of touch: Not understanding or relating
  42. Outdated: Out of date, obsolete
  43. Outlandish: Looking or sounding bizarre
  44. Outmaneuver: Outwit or outsmart
  45. Outmoded: No longer fashionable or useful
  46. Outrage: An extremely strong reaction of anger
  47. Outraged: Extremely angry
  48. Outrageous: Shockingly bad or excessive
  49. Outspoken: Speaking one’s mind freely
  50. Overanalyze: Analyze too much or in too much detail
  51. Overanxious: Excessively anxious
  52. Overbearing: Unpleasantly dominating
  53. Overbearingness: The quality of being overbearing
  54. Overburden: Burden with too much
  55. Overcomplicated: Unnecessarily complex
  56. Overconfident: Excessively confident without justification
  57. Overcritical: Excessively and unfairly critical
  58. Overdone: Cooked too much or too long
  59. Overdramatic: Excessively dramatic or theatrical
  60. Overemotional: Excessively emotional or sensitive
  61. Overenthusiastic: Excessively enthusiastic
  62. Overestimate: Estimate something to be greater
  63. Overextend: Extend oneself too much
  64. Overextend oneself: Exceed one’s physical or emotional limits
  65. Overfamiliar: Too friendly in an inappropriate way
  66. Overgeneralize: Make overly broad generalizations
  67. Overindulgence: Excessive indulgence in something
  68. Overindulgent: Indulging someone excessively
  69. Overload: Load with too much
  70. Overly demanding: Excessively requiring effort or attention
  71. Overpowering: Overwhelming in strength or impact
  72. Overpriced: Charged at too high a price
  73. Overprotective: Protecting someone excessively
  74. Overrated: Rated or valued too highly
  75. Overreach: Extend beyond reasonable limits
  76. Overreactive: Reacting too strongly
  77. Oversensitive: Excessively sensitive or reactive
  78. Overshadow: Dominate or make less important
  79. Oversimplified: Simplified too much
  80. Oversimplify: Make something simpler than it is
  81. Overstate: Exaggerate the importance of something
  82. Overstimulate: Stimulate to an excessive degree
  83. Overtax: Burden with too much demand
  84. Overthink: Think about something too much
  85. Overuse: Use something too much
  86. Overwhelmed: Overcome with emotions or work
  87. Overwhelming: Very intense or difficult to deal with
  88. Overwrought: Extremely nervous or excited
  89. Overzealous: Excessively enthusiastic

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Negative Adjectives Starting With O

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With O To Describe A Person

  • Obnoxious: Annoying and offensive in behavior or attitude.
  • Overbearing: Excessively controlling and domineering.
  • Opportunistic: Exploiting situations for personal gain without regard for others.
  • Obstinate: Refusing to change one’s opinions or behavior, often against reason.
  • Offensive: Insensitive and causing hurt or discomfort to others.
  • Ornery: Difficult to deal with; irritable and ill-tempered.
  • Outrageous: Shockingly offensive or inappropriate.
  • Overcritical: Excessively prone to finding faults and being negative.
  • Oversensitive: Reacting excessively to small or minor issues.
  • Overconfident: Excessively self-assured, often to the point of arrogance.

Negative Words With O To Describe A Place

  • Oppressive: Overwhelmingly stifling and causing discomfort or difficulty.
  • Obsolete: Outdated and no longer in use or relevant.
  • Overcrowded: Excessively filled with people or things, lacking space.
  • Ominous: Menacing and indicating a potential threat or danger.
  • Odious: Hateful, repulsive, and arousing strong dislike.
  • Ornery: Difficult to deal with, often irritable, and contrary in behavior.
  • Obnoxious: Extremely unpleasant, offensive, or annoying.
  • Outlandish: Strange, bizarre, and deviating from normal expectations.
  • Overwhelming: Excessively intense, causing a feeling of being unable to cope.
  • Off-putting: Discouraging, creating a negative impression or reaction.

Negative Words With O To Describe A Thing

  • Obnoxious: Annoying, offensive, or unpleasant in behavior or manner.
  • Opaque: Not transparent, difficult to understand or interpret.
  • Ominous: Giving the impression that something bad is about to happen; threatening.
  • Obsolete: No longer in use or relevant; outdated and replaced by something newer.
  • Overbearing: Domineering, excessively controlling, or imposing one’s will on others.
  • Odious: Extremely unpleasant, repulsive, or deserving of strong dislike.
  • Oppressive: Excessively controlling, harsh, or unjust in its authority.
  • Outlandish: Extremely unconventional, bizarre, or strange in appearance or behavior.
  • Ornery: Difficult to deal with, irritable, or bad-tempered.
  • Off-putting: Creating a negative reaction or making someone feel uncomfortable or hesitant.

Negative Words That Start With o

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