100 Negative Words That Start With V

Venturing into the realm of negative words beginning with ‘V’, we discover a variety of terms that encapsulate challenging emotions and situations. This blog post will guide you through these words, highlighting negative adjectives and terms that often convey disappointment, distress, or disapproval.

From ‘vexing’ to ‘vulnerable’, we’ll delve into their meanings and how they’re used in everyday language. Understanding these words not only enriches our vocabulary but also aids us in articulating complex feelings and scenarios. Let’s explore the intriguing world of negative ‘V’ words together.

Negative Words That Start With V

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter V:

  1. Vacant: Empty; not filled or occupied
  2. Vacillating: Alternating between different opinions or actions
  3. Vacuity: Lack of thought or intelligence
  4. Vacuous: Having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence
  5. Vagrant: A person without a settled home or regular work
  6. Vague: Of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character
  7. Vain: Having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance
  8. Vainly: Without success or a result
  9. Vampiric: Resembling a vampire
  10. Vampirism: Vampire-like behavior
  11. Vandal: One who deliberately destroys
  12. Vandalism: Deliberate property destruction
  13. Vanishing: Disappearing from sight
  14. Vapid: Lacking liveliness or interest
  15. Vapidity: State of being dull
  16. Vapidly: In a dull manner
  17. Vapidness: Quality of being uninteresting
  18. Vaporous: Resembling vapor or mist
  19. Vehemence: Intensity or passion
  20. Vehement: Showing strong feeling
  21. Vehemently: Done with passion
  22. Veiled: Partially concealed or hidden
  23. Vengeful: Desiring revenge
  24. Vengefulness: State of seeking revenge
  25. Venom: Poisonous secretion
  26. Venomous: Poisonous, spiteful
  27. Verbose: Using too many words
  28. Vex: To annoy or frustrate
  29. Vexation: State of being annoyed
  30. Vexatious: Causing annoyance
  31. Vexed: Annoyed or worried
  32. Vexing: Causing irritation
  33. Vicious: Deliberately cruel or violent
  34. Viciously: In a cruel manner
  35. Viciousness: Quality of being cruel
  36. Vile: Extremely unpleasant
  37. Vilely: In a disgusting manner
  38. Villain: Wicked or criminal person
  39. Villainous: Extremely wicked
  40. Villainously: In a wicked manner
  41. Vindictive: Seeking revenge
  42. Vindictiveness: Desire for revenge
  43. Violate: Break or disregard
  44. Violating: Infringing or breaching
  45. Violation: Act of breaking a rule
  46. Violent: Using physical force
  47. Violently: With great force
  48. Viper: Venomous snake or person
  49. Viperous: Malicious or treacherous
  50. Virulence: Severity or harmfulness
  51. Virulent: Extremely harmful or hostile
  52. Vitriol: Cruel and bitter criticism
  53. Vitriolic: Filled with bitter criticism
  54. Vituperation: Harsh or abusive language
  55. Vituperative: Criticizing harshly
  56. Void: Empty or invalid
  57. Volatile: Unpredictable, changeable
  58. Volatility: Liability to change rapidly
  59. Voracious: Having a huge appetite
  60. Vulgar: Lacking sophistication or taste
  61. Vulgarism: Crude or offensive expression
  62. Vulgarity: Quality of being offensive
  63. Vulgarly: In a crude manner
  64. Vulnerable: Open to attack or harm

Negative Adjectives Starting With V

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With V To Describe A Person

  • Vain: Excessively proud and preoccupied with their appearance or achievements.
  • Vindictive: Seeking revenge and wanting to cause harm to others.
  • Volatile: Unpredictable and prone to sudden mood swings or outbursts.
  • Vicious: Cruel and malicious in behavior; willing to harm others.

Negative Words With V To Describe A Place

  • Vile: Extremely unpleasant and morally reprehensible.
  • Volatile: Unpredictable and easily subject to rapid changes or explosions.
  • Vapid: Dull and lacking liveliness or substance.
  • Vandalized: Damaged or defaced through deliberate destruction.
  • Vexing: Annoying and causing frustration or irritation.
  • Voracious: Excessively eager and consuming in an insatiable manner.
  • Vacant: Empty and devoid of occupants or activity.
  • Vermin-infested: Overrun by pests or small animals, often destructive.
  • Void: Completely empty and lacking any essential qualities.
  • Vindictive: Showing a desire for revenge and ill will towards others.

Negative Words With V To Describe A Thing

  • Vicious: Cruel or intentionally harmful in nature.
  • Volatile: Easily evaporating or changing rapidly, often implying unpredictability or instability.
  • Vexing: Annoying, frustrating, or causing distress.
  • Vapid: Lacking liveliness, substance, or interest; dull.
  • Venomous: Poisonous or capable of causing harm or destruction.
  • Vulgar: Crude, offensive, or lacking refinement.
  • Vain: Excessively proud of one’s appearance, achievements, or qualities.
  • Vindictive: Having a strong desire for revenge or retaliation.
  • Vacuous: Empty, lacking intelligence, or devoid of meaningful content.
  • Valueless: Devoid of worth or significance; lacking value.

Negative Words That Start With v