100 Negative Words That Start With E

Hey there, readers! Today, we’re on an exciting journey through the English language, focusing on those tricky ‘E’ words that often have a negative twist.

Ever heard a word that made you go, “Hmm, what does that mean?” Well, you’re in for a treat! We’re about to unravel the mysteries of these ‘E’ words in a fun, easy-to-understand way. Let’s dive in and explore together!

Negative Words That Start With E

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter E:

  1. Ebb: Gradually lessen or reduce
  2. Eccentric: Unconventional and slightly strange
  3. Eerie: Strange and frightening
  4. Effete: No longer effective or useful
  5. Effrontery: Insolent or impertinent behavior
  6. Egoistic: Excessively self-centered
  7. Egotism: Excessive sense of self-importance
  8. Egotistical: Self-centered, self-important
  9. Egregious: Outstandingly bad or shocking
  10. Elusive: Difficult to find or catch
  11. Emasculate: Deprive of strength or vigor
  12. Embarrass: Cause to feel awkward
  13. Embarrassing: Causing feelings of shame
  14. Embattled: Involved in conflict or controversy
  15. Embezzle: Steal or misappropriate funds
  16. Embittered: Full of bitterness
  17. Emerge: Become apparent or prominent
  18. Emotionless: Showing no emotion
  19. Empty: Containing nothing; unfulfilled
  20. Endangered: At risk of extinction
  21. Enervate: Cause to feel drained of energy
  22. Enfeeble: Weaken or make feeble
  23. Engulf: Sweep over and cover completely
  24. Enrage: Make very angry
  25. Enraged: Very angry; furious
  26. Ensnare: Catch in or as in a trap
  27. Entangle: Involve in difficulties
  28. Entitled: Believing oneself to be inherently deserving
  29. Envious: Feeling or showing envy
  30. Eradicate: Destroy completely
  31. Err: Be mistaken or incorrect
  32. Erratic: Not regular or predictable
  33. Erroneous: Wrong or incorrect
  34. Escalate: Increase rapidly in intensity
  35. Escape: Break free from confinement
  36. Estrange: Cause to feel less close
  37. Estranged: No longer close or affectionate
  38. Evasive: Tending to avoid commitment
  39. Evict: Expel from property
  40. Evident: Clearly seen or understood
  41. Evil: Profoundly immoral and wicked
  42. Exacerbate: Make a problem worse
  43. Exacerbation: Increase in the severity of something
  44. Exaggerate: Make something seem larger or greater
  45. Exaggerated: Represented as larger than reality
  46. Exaggeration: A statement that exaggerates
  47. Exasperate: Irritate intensely
  48. Exasperated: Irritated and frustrated
  49. Exasperating: Intensely irritating
  50. Excessive: More than is necessary or normal
  51. Exclusion: The act of excluding
  52. Exclusionary: Relating to or characterized by exclusion
  53. Excoriate: Criticize severely
  54. Excruciating: Intensely painful
  55. Exhausting: Causing extreme tiredness
  56. Exile: The state of being barred from one’s country
  57. Exorbitant: Unreasonably high (price or amount)
  58. Expel: Force to leave
  59. Expendable: Regarded as not worth preserving
  60. Expensive: Costing a lot of money
  61. Expire: Cease to be valid
  62. Expletive: An oath or swear word
  63. Explode: Burst or shatter violently
  64. Exploit: Make full use of and derive benefit
  65. Exploitative: Making use of a situation unfairly
  66. Expose: Make something visible
  67. Exterminate: Destroy completely
  68. Extermination: Complete destruction
  69. Extinct: No longer in existence
  70. Extinguish: Cause to cease burning
  71. Extort: Obtain by force or threat
  72. Extortion: Practice of obtaining something through force
  73. Extraneous: Irrelevant or unrelated
  74. Extravagance: Lack of restraint in spending
  75. Extravagant: Lacking restraint in spending
  76. Extreme: Reaching a high or highest degree
  77. Extremism: The holding of extreme political views
  78. Exuberance: The quality of being full of energy
  79. Exuberant: Filled with lively energy
  80. Exude: Discharge slowly and steadily

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Negative Adjectives Starting With E

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With E To Describe A Person

  • Egotistical: Excessively self-centered and self-absorbed.
  • Envious: Jealous and desiring what others possess.
  • Erratic: Unpredictable and inconsistent in behavior.
  • Entitled: Believing they deserve special treatment without earning it.
  • Evasive: Avoiding direct answers and being unclear in communication.
  • Exaggerating: Overstating facts or events to a misleading extent.
  • Explosive: Prone to sudden and intense outbursts of anger.
  • Egotistic: Self-centered and overly focused on their own importance.
  • Elitist: Believing they are superior to others based on certain criteria.
  • Emotionally Unavailable: Unable or unwilling to connect emotionally with others.

Negative Words With E To Describe A Place

  • Eerie: Unsettling and strange, often associated with unease.
  • Empty: Devoid of inhabitants or contents, lacking fulfillment.
  • Excessive: Going beyond normal limits, often in a negative way.
  • Expired: No longer valid or usable, past its usefulness.
  • Expansive: Overwhelmingly vast and lacking intimacy or warmth.
  • Exclusionary: Tending to exclude or discriminate against certain groups.
  • Eroded: Worn away and damaged by natural forces over time.
  • Exiled: Forced to leave one’s home or country, often as a punishment.
  • Enervating: Draining and causing a loss of energy or vitality.
  • Estranged: Alienated and distant, lacking a sense of connection.

Negative Words With E To Describe A Thing

  • Egregious: Remarkably bad or shocking in nature; extremely offensive.
  • Evasive: Intentionally avoiding or being unclear in communication or action.
  • Exasperating: Extremely frustrating or irritating.
  • Eerie: Strange and unsettling, often suggesting something supernatural.
  • Excruciating: Extremely painful or distressing.
  • Exploitative: Taking advantage of someone or something for personal gain.
  • Elusive: Difficult to grasp, capture, or comprehend.
  • Erroneous: Containing errors or mistakes; incorrect.

Negative Words That Start With e

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