100 Negative Words That Start With W

Words starting with ‘W’ can wield a surprising amount of negative power. This blog post is dedicated to uncovering these negative words and adjectives, providing a deeper understanding of their meanings and implications.

From ‘wary’ to ‘woeful’, we’ll explore how these words shape our expression of unfavorable situations and feelings. Whether in writing or speech, knowing these ‘W’ words can be crucial for conveying the less pleasant aspects of our experiences.

Let’s dive into the world of negative words beginning with ‘W’.

Negative Words That Start With W

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter W:

  1. Wandering: Moving without direction
  2. Wane: Decrease in power or size
  3. Waned: Diminished in size or strength
  4. Waning: Gradually decreasing
  5. Wanting: Lacking or insufficient
  6. Wanton: Sexually unrestrained
  7. Wariness: Being cautious or careful
  8. Warped: Twisted or distorted
  9. Wary: Cautious of danger
  10. Wastage: Act of wasting
  11. Wasted: Used or spent unwisely
  12. Wasteful: Using resources carelessly
  13. Wastefulness: Tendency to waste
  14. Wavering: Fluctuating in opinion
  15. Wayward: Unpredictable, erratic
  16. Waywardness: Quality of being unpredictable
  17. Weak: Lacking strength
  18. Weak-willed: Lacking determination
  19. Weakened: Made less strong
  20. Weakening: Becoming weaker
  21. Weakness: Lack of strength
  22. Weariness: Feeling of tiredness
  23. Wearisome: Causing tiredness or boredom
  24. Weary: Very tired
  25. Weaselly: Cunning or sneaky
  26. Weep: To cry or shed tears
  27. Weeping: Crying tears
  28. Weepy: Inclined to cry
  29. Whim: Sudden or impulsive idea
  30. Whimper: Quiet, feeble crying
  31. Whimpering: Making a low crying sound
  32. Whimsical: Unpredictably odd or fanciful
  33. Whining: Complaining in an annoying way
  34. Whiningly: In a whining manner
  35. Whiny: Complaining, high-pitched
  36. Wicked: Morally wrong or bad
  37. Wickedly: In a wicked manner
  38. Wickedness: Quality of being evil
  39. Wild: Uncontrolled, untamed
  40. Wilful: Intentionally stubborn
  41. Willful: Deliberately obstinate
  42. Wilt: To become limp or droop
  43. Wilted: Drooped, lost freshness
  44. Wily: Skilled at gaining advantage deceitfully
  45. Wimpy: Lacking strength or courage.
  46. Wishy-washy: Indecisive or weak.
  47. Wistful: Longing or yearning.
  48. Withdrawn: Not sociable or outgoing.
  49. Withering: Disparaging, scornful.
  50. Withheld: Kept back; not given.
  51. Withholding: Restraining or holding back.
  52. Wobbly: Unsteady or shaky.
  53. Woebegone: Sorrowful or miserable.
  54. Woeful: Full of sorrow or misery.
  55. Woefully: In a sorrowful manner.
  56. Woefulness: State of being sorrowful.
  57. Worn: Used and no longer fresh.
  58. Worn-out: Extremely tired or used.
  59. Worried: Anxious or troubled.
  60. Worrisome: Causing anxiety or concern.
  61. Worry: Anxiety or unease.
  62. Worrying: Causing anxiety.
  63. Worryingly: In an alarming manner.
  64. Worsen: Deteriorate or decline.
  65. Worsening: Becoming worse.
  66. Worthless: Lacking value or merit.
  67. Worthlessness: Lack of value or worth.
  68. Wounded: Injured, either physically or emotionally.
  69. Wounding: Causing injury or hurt.
  70. Wrangle: Argue or dispute.
  71. Wrath: Extreme anger.
  72. Wrathful: Full of anger.
  73. Wretched: Miserable or pitiful.
  74. Wretchedly: In a miserable way.
  75. Wretchedness: State of being miserable.
  76. Wriggle: Twist or turn.
  77. Wrinkle: Crease or fold.
  78. Wrong: Incorrect or false.
  79. Wrongheaded: Misguided or mistaken.

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Negative Adjectives Starting With W

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words That Start With W To Describe A Person

  • Whiny: Complaining in a high-pitched or irritating manner.
  • Wasteful: Spending resources carelessly and without consideration.
  • Wary: Cautious and distrustful, often due to suspicion.
  • Weak-willed: Lacking determination and easily influenced by others.
  • Wicked: Evil or morally wrong in actions or intentions.
  • Withdrawn: Socially distant and avoiding interactions with others.
  • Wishy-washy: Indecisive and lacking firmness in opinions.
  • Witless: Lacking intelligence and common sense.
  • Woeful: Expressing or causing sadness and distress.
  • Wrathful: Filled with intense anger and rage.

Negative Words That Start With W To Describe A Place

  • Wretched: Miserable, characterized by extreme suffering or distress.
  • Waste-ridden: Contaminated or overwhelmed by refuse or garbage.
  • Windswept: Exposed to strong winds, often leading to harsh conditions.
  • Weary: Exhausted and lacking energy, often from overexertion.
  • Wilderness: A place lacking human development and often associated with isolation and difficulty.
  • Worn-out: Dilapidated and in a state of disrepair due to age or use.
  • Weed-infested: Overgrown with unwanted plants, often invasive and undesirable.
  • Withered: Shriveled and dried up, often due to lack of water or vitality.
  • Worrisome: Causing worry, concern, or anxiety.
  • Wasteland: A barren and desolate area, often devoid of life and resources.

Negative Words That Start With W To Describe A Thing

  • Wretched: Extremely miserable, unfortunate, or of poor quality.
  • Weary: Physically or mentally tired, often leading to exhaustion.
  • Woeful: Full of sorrow, misery, or lamentation.
  • Wasteful: Using or spending resources carelessly or unnecessarily.
  • Worrisome: Causing worry, concern, or anxiety.
  • Wan: Pale, suggesting sickness, tiredness, or lack of vitality.
  • Wavering: Showing uncertainty or hesitation, often implying indecision.
  • Whiny: Complaining in a high-pitched or irritating manner.
  • Wilted: Drooping or withering due to lack of vitality or moisture.
  • Worthless: Having no value or significance; lacking in merit.

Negative Words That Start With w