100 Negative Words That Start With B

Diving into the world of language, we turn our focus to the letter ‘B’ and its treasury of negative words. This collection, brimming with nuanced expressions, reveals the diverse ways negativity can be articulated. Words like ‘belligerent’, ‘bitter’, and ‘betrayal’ not only enrich our vocabulary but also provide us with the tools to express dissatisfaction, despair, and disapproval.

These terms, often overshadowed by their positive counterparts, are essential for conveying the complexities of human emotions and experiences. Our exploration today highlights the importance and power of these words, offering insight into the intricate tapestry of the English language.

Negative Words That Start With B

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter B:

  1. Backstabbing: Treacherously harmful or deceitful
  2. Backwardness: Lacking progress or development
  3. Bad: Of poor quality or low standard
  4. Baffling: Impossible to understand; perplexing
  5. Bait: Something used to entice or trap
  6. Banish: Exile someone from a place
  7. Bankrupt: Unable to pay outstanding debts
  8. Barbaric: Savagely cruel or primitive
  9. Barbarism: Extreme cruelty or brutality
  10. Barbarous: Savagely cruel or brutal
  11. Barren: Not productive; unfruitful
  12. Baseless: Without foundation in fact
  13. Bashful: Reluctant to draw attention
  14. Begrudging: Envy someone’s possession or enjoyment
  15. Beleaguered: In a difficult situation
  16. Belittling: Dismissive or derogatory
  17. Bellicose: Demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight
  18. Belligerence: Aggressive or warlike behavior
  19. Belligerent: Hostile and aggressive
  20. Bemoan: Express discontent or sorrow over
  21. Bemoaning: Expressing grief or disappointment
  22. Bereave: Deprived of a loved one
  23. Bereaved: Suffering the loss of a loved one
  24. Betray: Expose to danger by treacherously
  25. Betrayal: Act of disloyalty or treachery
  26. Betrayed: Deceived or let down
  27. Bewilder: Cause to become perplexed
  28. Bewildered: Perplexed and confused
  29. Bewildering: Causing confusion or perplexity
  30. Bias: Prejudice in favor or against something
  31. Biased: Unfairly prejudiced for or against
  32. Bicker: Argue about trivial matters
  33. Bigot: A person intolerant of other opinions
  34. Bigoted: Obstinate or intolerant devotion to own opinions
  35. Bigotry: Intolerance towards different opinions
  36. Bitter: Showing anger, hurt, or resentment
  37. Bitterly: With a lot of anger and sadness
  38. Bitterness: Anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly
  39. Bizarre: Very strange or unusual
  40. Blackmail: Demand money by threats
  41. Blame: Assign responsibility for a fault
  42. Blameful: Deserving to be blamed
  43. Blameworthy: Deserving blame or censure
  44. Bland: Lacking strong features or characteristics
  45. Blasphemous: Showing disrespect toward sacred things
  46. Blatant: Done openly and unashamedly
  47. Blatantly: In an open and unashamed manner
  48. Bleak: Lacking in hope or cheer
  49. Bleakness: Quality of being hopeless or desolate
  50. Bleary: Blurred or dimmed vision
  51. Bleed: Lose blood from the body
  52. Bleeding: The loss of blood
  53. Blinded: Deprive of understanding or judgment
  54. Blinding: Making one unable to see temporarily
  55. Blindness: Lack of perception, awareness, or judgment
  56. Blockage: The action of blocking or obstructing
  57. Bloodshed: The act of killing or wounding
  58. Bloodthirsty: Eager to shed blood
  59. Blunder: A stupid or careless mistake
  60. Blundering: Making stupid or careless mistakes
  61. Boastful: Showing excessive pride in oneself
  62. Boastfulness: Quality of being boastful
  63. Boisterous: Noisy, energetic, and cheerful
  64. Bomb: An explosive weapon
  65. Bombard: Attack continuously with bombs
  66. Bombastic: High-sounding but with little meaning
  67. Booby trap: A concealed and possibly lethal trap
  68. Boorish: Rough and bad-mannered
  69. Boring: Not interesting; tedious
  70. Bothersome: Causing irritation or annoyance
  71. Brash: Self-assertive in a rude way
  72. Brazen: Bold without shame
  73. Break: Cause to separate into pieces
  74. Breakdown: A failure to function
  75. Breakup: End of a relationship
  76. Breathless: Out of breath; panting
  77. Bribery: The act of giving bribes
  78. Brittle: Hard but liable to break easily
  79. Broke: Having no money
  80. Broken: Having been fractured or damaged
  81. Brooding: Showing deep unhappiness of thought
  82. Bruise: A mark appearing on the skin
  83. Brutal: Savagely violent
  84. Brutality: Savage physical violence
  85. Brutish: Resembling or characteristic of a brute
  86. Bully: Use strength to intimidate
  87. Bullying: Seek to harm or intimidate
  88. Bum: A worthless or lazy person
  89. Bumbling: Acting in a confused way
  90. Burden: A load, typically heavy
  91. Burdensome: Difficult to carry out or fulfill
  92. Burn: Be or cause to be destroyed by fire
  93. Burned: Damaged by fire or heat
  94. Burnout: Physical or mental collapse
  95. Busy: Having a lot to do
  96. Busybody: Interfering in others’ affairs
  97. Buzzing: Making a low, humming sound
  98. Buzzkill: A person or thing that spoils enjoyment
  99. Bypass: Go around or avoid
  100. Bypassing: The act of avoiding or going around

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Negative Adjectives Starting With B

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With B To Describe A Person

  • Bossy: Domineering and overly controlling in attitude.
  • Belligerent: Hostile and inclined to engage in conflicts.
  • Backstabbing: Betrayal of trust by secretly harming others.
  • Boastful: Exaggerating one’s own achievements and abilities.
  • Bigoted: Intolerant and prejudiced against certain groups.
  • Boring: Lacking interest or excitement; dull in demeanor.
  • Blunt: Insensitive and direct, often without tact or consideration.
  • Bullying: Engaging in repeated aggressive behavior to intimidate others.
  • Brash: Impulsive and tactless in speech and actions.
  • Biased: Showing favoritism or prejudice in judgments.

Negative Words With B To Describe A Place

  • Bleak: Grim and desolate, lacking in warmth or cheer.
  • Barren: Unproductive and lacking vegetation or life.
  • Belligerent: Marked by hostility and aggression.
  • Blighted: Ruined or damaged, often due to external factors.
  • Boring: Dull and uninteresting, lacking excitement or variety.
  • Burdensome: Posing a heavy load or difficulty, oppressive.
  • Boisterous: Noisy and chaotic, lacking in calm and order.
  • Bereft: Deprived or lacking in something essential.
  • Brutal: Extremely harsh and cruel, causing pain or suffering.
  • Backward: Regressive and underdeveloped, lagging behind progress.

Negative Words With B To Describe A Thing

  • Belligerent: Hostile, aggressive, and inclined to fight; combative.
  • Banal: Lacking originality, dull, and uninteresting; commonplace and trite.
  • Bewildering: Confusing, perplexing, and causing a sense of disorientation.
  • Bleak: Stark, desolate, and lacking in warmth or hope; grim and harsh.
  • Bumbling: Inept, awkward, and lacking skill or competence; clumsy.
  • Brutal: Extremely harsh, cruel, and violent; without mercy or compassion.
  • Bitter: Harshly unpleasant in taste, tone, or emotion; resentful and acrimonious.
  • Burdensome: Difficult to bear, weighing heavily on someone; oppressive.
  • Bothersome: Annoying, troublesome, and causing irritation or inconvenience.
  • Bankrupt: Depleted of resources, financially ruined; lacking value or worth.

Curse Words That Start With B

Here is a list of some bad and insult words with B & their meanings, that are used in our daily conversation;

Note: These words are offensive and provided solely for educational purposes.


Meaning: Scottish term for an idiot or foolish person.


Meaning: Derogatory term for an illegitimate child; commonly used as a general insult.


Meaning: Racist term against Mexicans or people of Mexican descent.


Meaning: Rarely used term, possibly a derogatory reference to a dangerous or unattractive female genitalia.


Meaning: Offensive term for a female, often used to insult both women and men.


Meaning: Vulgar compound insult, combining elements of weakness and contemptibility.


Meaning: Plural of bitch, used to refer to multiple females or as a general insult.


Meaning: Derogatory term, mocking a man’s enlarged breasts.


Meaning: Describing someone as irritable or spiteful, is often used in a sexist context against women.

Blow job

Meaning: Oral sex performed on a penis.


Meaning: British term for testicles; used to express disbelief or nonsense.


Meaning: Alternative spelling of bollocks.


Meaning: Slang for an erection.


Meaning: Vulgar term implying incestuous relations.


Meaning: Term used to indicate falsehoods, nonsense, or deceptive talk.


Meaning: Derogatory slang, implying someone is clumsy or inept.

Butt plug

Meaning: A sex toy designed for anal insertion.


Meaning: Vulgar term for someone who engages in anal intercourse.


Meaning: Derogatory term, often used to insult someone’s sexual orientation.

Negative Words That Start With b

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