100 Negative Words That Start With N

Negative words starting with ‘N’ can be surprisingly expressive and impactful. In this post, we will dive into a range of such words, emphasizing negative adjectives and terms.

From ‘nasty’ to ‘neglectful’, we will explore their meanings and how they’re used in everyday language. Grasping these words not only broadens our vocabulary but also aids in articulating difficult feelings and situations accurately.

Let’s navigate through the nuances of these negative ‘N’ words together.

Negative Words That Start With N

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter N:

  1. Nagging: Constantly harassing someone
  2. Naive: Showing a lack of experience, wisdom
  3. Narcissistic: Having an excessive interest in oneself
  4. Narked: Irritated or annoyed
  5. Narked up: Extremely irritated or annoyed
  6. Narky: Irritable or bad-tempered
  7. Narrow: Limited in extent, amount, or scope
  8. Narrow-minded: Not willing to listen to or tolerate other people’s views
  9. Nasty: Highly unpleasant, especially to the senses
  10. Nasty-minded: Having unpleasant or malicious thoughts
  11. Nasty-tempered: Having an unpleasant or irritable temperament
  12. Nattering: Talk casually about unimportant matters
  13. Nattering nabob: A person who complains or criticizes constantly
  14. Nattering nincompoop: A foolish or inept person who talks excessively
  15. Nauseated: Feeling or causing to feel nausea
  16. Nauseating: Causing or liable to cause a feeling of nausea
  17. Nauseous: Affected with nausea
  18. Naysayer: A person who criticizes, objects to, or opposes something
  19. Naysaying: Saying no or denying something
  20. Neanderthal: Lacking in social skills or manners
  21. Nebulous: Vague or ill-defined
  22. Needy: Requiring help, support, or attention
  23. Needy-greedy: Extremely needy or greedy
  24. Nefarious: Wicked or criminal
  25. Negative: Consisting in or characterized by the absence
  26. Negativity: The expression of criticism or pessimism
  27. Neglect: Fail to care for properly
  28. Neglected: Suffering a lack of proper care
  29. Neglectful: Not giving proper care or attention
  30. Negligent: Failing to take proper care
  31. Nerve-wracking: Causing stress or anxiety
  32. Nerveless: Lacking courage or strength
  33. Nervous: Easily agitated or alarmed
  34. Nervous nellie: A person who is excessively anxious
  35. Nervous wreck: Extremely anxious or upset
  36. Nervously: In a nervous manner
  37. Nervousness: The state of being nervous
  38. Nervy: Showing or requiring courage and determination
  39. Nescient: Lacking knowledge or awareness
  40. Nettled: Irritated or annoyed
  41. Nettlesome: Causing annoyance or difficulty
  42. Neurotic: Suffering from neurosis
  43. Ne’er-do-well: A person who is lazy and irresponsible
  44. Niggling: Causing slight but persistent annoyance
  45. Niggly: Tending to spend excessive time on trivial details
  46. Nighmarishness: The quality of being like a nightmare
  47. Nightmarish: Resembling a nightmare
  48. Nihilistic: Rejecting all religious and moral principles
  49. Nip-and-tuck: Very closely contested
  50. Nipper: A young child or animal
  51. Nippy: Chilly or brisk
  52. Nit-picking: Overly concerned with trivial details
  53. Nitpicker: A person who criticizes small details
  54. Nitpicking: Being overly critical about trivial things
  55. Nitpicky: Overly concerned with minor details
  56. Nitwit: A silly or foolish person
  57. No-account: Worthless or insignificant
  58. No-good: Not useful or beneficial
  59. No-goodnik: A person of little worth or integrity
  60. No-nonsense: Practical and straightforward
  61. No-win: Situation with no favorable outcome
  62. Noise-polluting: Causing unwanted noise pollution
  63. Noisily: Making much noise
  64. Noisome: Extremely offensive smell
  65. Noisy: Making a lot of noise
  66. Nonchalant: Casually indifferent
  67. Noncommittal: Not expressing a commitment
  68. Nonconstructive: Not helpful or productive
  69. Nondescript: Lacking distinctive features
  70. Nondiscriminatory: Not biased; fair
  71. Nonfunctional: Not working or operational
  72. Nonobservant: Not strictly observing rules
  73. Nonplussed: Surprised and confused
  74. Nonprogressive: Not favoring progress
  75. Nonsensical: Lacking sense or meaning
  76. Nonsensicality: Quality of being nonsensical
  77. Nonstarter: Idea doomed to fail
  78. Nonviable: Not capable of surviving
  79. Nosedive: Rapid decline
  80. Nosey: Overly curious about others
  81. Nosy: Overly inquisitive
  82. Not all there: Mentally deficient or unbalanced
  83. Not long for this world: Not expected to live long
  84. Not quite right: Slightly off or incorrect
  85. Not right in the head: Mentally unbalanced or crazy
  86. Not safe for work (NSFW): Inappropriate for work environment
  87. Not up to par: Below the expected standard
  88. Notoriety: Famous for something bad
  89. Notorious: Widely known, usually unfavorably
  90. Noxious: Harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant
  91. Noxiousness: The quality of being harmful
  92. Nudge-nudge: Hinting or insinuating
  93. Nudnik: A boring or annoying person
  94. Nuisance: A person or thing causing annoyance
  95. Null: Having no legal or binding force
  96. Null and void: Invalid or without effect
  97. Nullify: Make legally null and void
  98. Numb: Deprived of feeling or responsiveness
  99. Numbness: Lack of feeling or sensation
  100. Numskull: A stupid or foolish person

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Negative Adjectives Starting With N

Adjectives are describing words used to describe a person, place, or thing.

Negative Words With N To Describe A Person

  • Narcissistic: Excessively self-centered and in love with oneself.
  • Needy: Constantly seeking attention, support, or validation.
  • Neglectful: Failing to give proper care or attention to responsibilities.
  • Nasty: Mean-spirited and unpleasant in behavior or speech.
  • Nervous: Easily anxious and worried in various situations.
  • Nonchalant: Indifferent and unconcerned; lacking enthusiasm.
  • Nitpicking: Focusing on trivial faults and criticizing excessively.
  • Nosy: Intrusively curious about others’ private matters.
  • Negative: Pessimistic and focusing on the downsides of situations.
  • Narrow-minded: Intolerant and unwilling to consider different viewpoints.

Negative Words With N To Describe A Place

  • Neglected: Abandoned and lacking proper care or attention.
  • Nauseating: Causing intense feelings of disgust or queasiness.
  • Nondescript: Lacking distinctive qualities, unremarkable and plain.
  • Noxious: Harmful and toxic, posing a threat to health or well-being.
  • Numb: Devoid of sensation, emotion, or liveliness.
  • Narrow-minded: Intolerant and unwilling to consider different perspectives.
  • Notorious: Infamous and widely known for negative reasons.
  • Nocturnal: Active at night, potentially associated with darkness or danger.
  • Noise-polluted: Overwhelmed by excessive and disturbing sounds.
  • Nasty: Unpleasant, offensive, or mean-spirited in nature.

Negative Words With N To Describe A Thing

  • Nefarious: Wicked, evil, or criminal in nature; villainous.
  • Nauseating: Causing nausea or disgust; sickening.
  • Nondescript: Lacking distinctive qualities, uninteresting, or unremarkable.
  • Neglected: Ignored or not given proper attention or care.
  • Numbing: Dulling the senses or causing a lack of feeling or responsiveness.
  • Noxious: Harmful, poisonous, or offensive to the senses.
  • Narcissistic: Excessively self-centered and self-absorbed.
  • Nagging: Persistently annoying or criticizing in a bothersome manner.
  • Nihilistic: Rejecting traditional values and beliefs, often leading to a sense of meaninglessness.
  • Narrow-minded: Having a limited perspective or being unwilling to consider other viewpoints.

Curse Words That Start With N

Here is a list of some bad and insult words with N & their meanings, that are used in our daily conversation;

Note: These words are offensive and provided solely for educational purposes.


Meaning: Member or supporter of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party; used as an insult.


Meaning: Outdated terms for Black people, can be offensive.


Meaning: Racist term, variation of jigaboo.


Meaning: Variant of nigger, can be offensive.


Meaning: Highly offensive racial slur against Black people.


Meaning: Offensive term, implying stereotypical behavior.


Meaning: Plural of nigger, a highly offensive racial slur.


Meaning: Offensive term, diminutive of nigger.


Meaning: Racist term, variant of nig-nog.

Nut sack

Meaning: Slang for scrotum.


Meaning: Alternative spelling of nut sack.

Negative Words That Start With n

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