Memory Plural, What is the Plural of Memory?

Meaning: faculty by which the mind stores

Singular and Plural of Memory

Singular plural
memory memories

Memory as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Her memory of that event is still vivid.
  2. The old man’s memory is starting to fade.
  3. The professor has an excellent memory for facts.
  4. My memory of our first meeting is hazy.
  5. She has a sharp and reliable memory.
  6. The accident left him with no memory of the incident.
  7. We have a collective memory of our shared experiences.
  8. The witness’s memory of the crime was crucial to the case.
  9. I have a photographic memory for faces.
  10. The disease affects the patient’s short-term memory.

Memory as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. These are cherished memories from my childhood.
  2. The book brought back many pleasant memories.
  3. The photos captured the beautiful memories we made.
  4. We shared a lot of great memories during that trip.
  5. The album is filled with happy memories.
  6. The old couple reminisced about their favorite memories.
  7. Those were unforgettable memories that I will treasure forever.
  8. The museum exhibition triggered childhood memories.
  9. We laughed and cried, creating lasting memories together.
  10. The song evokes bittersweet memories of the past.

Singular Possessive of Memory: 

The singular possessive form of “Memory” is “Memory’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Memory:

  1. The Memory’s impact on the individual cannot be underestimated.
  2. Cherish the Memory’s moments and create new ones.
  3. The Memory’s details faded over time but not its significance.
  4. The Memory’s essence lingers, bringing solace in difficult times.
  5. The Memory’s vividness can evoke strong emotions.
  6. Preserve the Memory’s essence through storytelling.
  7. The Memory’s association with certain scents can be powerful.
  8. The Memory’s clarity gradually diminished as years passed.
  9. The Memory’s imprint on our lives shapes who we are.
  10. The Memory’s significance lies in the lessons learned.

Plural Possessive of Memory: 

The plural possessive form of “Memory” is “Memories'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Memory:

  1. The photographs capture the Memories’ essence beautifully.
  2. Cherish the Memories’ laughter and joyous moments.
  3. The Memories’ impact on our lives shapes our perspective.
  4. The Memories’ influence extends beyond our conscious awareness.
  5. Preserve the Memories’ essence through storytelling and traditions.
  6. The Memories’ collective wisdom guides us through challenges.
  7. The Memories’ significance lies in the shared experiences.
  8. Reflecting on the Memories’ lessons helps us grow.
  9. The Memories’ impressions remain etched in our hearts.
  10. The Memories’ value increases with the passage of time.

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