50 Math Words That Start With R

List of Math Words That Start With R

Below are common math words that start with r.

  • Ratio
  • Rational
  • Real numbers
  • Radical
  • Rectangle
  • Rotation
  • Reflection
  • Regression
  • Range
  • Radius
  • Root
  • Radian
  • Rectangle theorem
  • Reciprocal
  • Rational number
  • Rationalize
  • Right angle
  • Rhombus
  • Radical expression
  • Rotation matrix
  • Reflection symmetry
  • Rational function
  • Range of a function
  • Rational equation
  • Radius of convergence
  • Regression analysis
  • Rational inequality
  • Right triangle
  • Riemann sum
  • Radius of curvature
  • Rounding
  • Recursive
  • Relative frequency
  • Regular polygon
  • Rational root theorem
  • Remainder theorem
  • Rectangular prism
  • Range rule
  • Reflectional symmetry
  • Riemann hypothesis
  • Random variable
  • Rational exponent
  • Rational approximation
  • Rotation symmetry
  • Rate of change
  • Recurrence relation
  • Radius of a circle
  • Regression line
  • Ray

math words that start with r

Math Terms That Start With R (Divided by Subjects)

Geometry Terms That Start With R

  • Radius: Distance from the center of the circle to its edge.
  • Rectangle: Quadrilateral with four right angles.
  • Rhombus: Quadrilateral with equal sides but not right angles.
  • Rotation: Circular movement around a fixed point.
  • Reflection: Transformation flipping shape across a line.
  • Radian: Unit of angular measurement in a circle.
  • Regular Polygon: Polygon with all sides and angles equal.
  • Right Angle: Angle measuring 90 degrees.
  • Radius of Curvature: Radius of the circle approximating the curve at a point.
  • Riemann Surface: Complex surface mapping to the complex plane.

Algebra Terms That Start With R

  • Rational Number: A number expressible as a fraction of integers.
  • Radical: Symbol (√) representing a root of a number.
  • Range: Set of output values in a function.
  • Ratio: Comparison of two quantities using division.
  • Reciprocal: Multiplicative inverse of a number (1/x).
  • Reflexive Property: Element is related to itself in a relation.
  • Regression Analysis: Statistical method to model relationships between variables.
  • Rotation: Turning a shape around a fixed point.
  • Roots of Equation: Solutions that make the equation true.
  • Radian: Unit for measuring angles based on the radius of a circle.

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