100 Math Words That Start With J

List of Math Words That Start With J

Below are common math words that start with j.

  • Joint variation
  • Jacobian matrix
  • Jump discontinuity
  • Joint probability
  • Justify
  • Jet space
  • Jordan form
  • Joint frequency
  • Jordan curve theorem
  • Join
  • Jacobian determinant
  • Jordan measure
  • Julia set
  • Joint distribution
  • Jacobian transformation
  • Jump function
  • Jordan canonical form
  • Joining point
  • Joint relative frequency
  • Jacobian conjecture
  • Juxtapose
  • Jump point
  • Joint density function
  • Jordan content
  • Jellyfish theorem
  • Jump process
  • Jaccard similarity coefficient
  • Joint variation equation
  • Jordan–Hölder theorem
  • Juxtaposition operator
  • Jump discontinuity point
  • Joint cumulative distribution
  • Jordan curve
  • Jigsaw function
  • J-invariant
  • Jump diffusion
  • Joining line
  • Jordan arc
  • Jacobian elliptic functions
  • Jordan–Schönflies theorem
  • Joint entropy
  • Jacobi matrix
  • Jump distribution
  • Joint tenancy
  • Jitter
  • Janko group
  • Jordan form theorem
  • Joining circle
  • Jump length

math words that start with j

Math Terms That Start With J (Divided by Subjects)

Geometry Terms That Start With J

  • Jacobian Matrix: A matrix representing the rates of change of one set of variables with respect to another in multivariable calculus.
  • Joint Variation: A type of direct variation where a quantity varies with more than one variable.
  • Juxtaposition: The act of placing two or more geometric shapes or objects side by side for comparison or analysis.
  • Jordan Curve Theorem: A theorem stating that a continuous simple closed curve divides the plane into two regions, an interior and an exterior.
  • Johnson Solid: A type of convex polyhedron composed of regular polygons, named after mathematician Norman W. Johnson.

Algebra Terms That Start With J

  • Joint Variation: Relationship involving multiple variables and constants.
  • Justify: Provide logical reasoning or evidence for a mathematical statement.
  • Jacobian Matrix: Matrix of partial derivatives representing a transformation.
  • Jump Discontinuity: Sudden change in a function’s value at a point.
  • Joint Frequency: Count of data occurrences in a bivariate distribution.
  • Joint Probability: Likelihood of two events occurring together.
  • Join Operation: Combining data from multiple database tables.
  • Judgment Sample: Selection of data based on expert judgment.
  • Jacobi Identity: Property of the Lie bracket in algebra.
  • Jordan Canonical Form: Representation of a square matrix using blocks.

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