30 Math Words That Start With Y

List of Math Words That Start With Y

Below are common math words that start with y.

  • Yang-Mills theory (used in theoretical physics)
  • Y-axis
  • Y-intercept
  • Y-coordinate
  • Y-component
  • Y-tile (used in statistics)
  • Yard (used in measurement)
  • Yotta- (prefix denoting 10^24 in the metric system)
  • Yen (used in currency conversions)
  • Yottabyte (unit of digital information)
  • Y-axis symmetry (used in geometry)
  • Yaw (used in physics, engineering, and navigation)
  • Y-linked traits (used in genetics)
  • Young’s modulus (used in materials science)
  • Yoke (used in mechanical systems and engineering)
  • Yield (used in statistics and finance)
  • Y-intercept form (used in equations)
  • Yoke angle (used in mechanics and engineering)
  • Yottaampere (unit of electric current, 10^24 amperes)
  • Yagi-Uda antenna (used in radio and communications)

math words that start with y

Math Terms That Start With Y (Divided by Subjects)

Geometry Terms That Start With Y

  • Y-Axis: Vertical axis in a Cartesian coordinate system.
  • Yield Point: Stress point at which material begins to deform.
  • Yarn Architecture: Complex patterns formed by intertwining threads.
  • Y-coordinate: Vertical position in a coordinate system.
  • Yin-Yang Curve: Curve dividing plane into equal areas.
  • Yoctometer: Extremely small unit of length (10^-24 meters).
  • Yoke: Circular frame for measuring circles and angles.
  • Yoke Line: Line in a ship’s design indicating waterline.
  • Yotta: Prefix denoting a factor of 10^24 in measurement.
  • Young’s Modulus: Measure of material’s stiffness under stress.

Algebra Terms That Start With Y

  • Y-Axis: Vertical line on a coordinate plane.
  • Y-Intercept: Point where a graph crosses the y-axis.
  • Yard: Unit of length equal to three feet.
  • Yen: Currency of Japan.
  • Yottabyte: Extremely large unit of digital storage, equal to 10^24 bytes.

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