100 Math Words That Start With B

List of Math Words That Start With B

Below are common math words that start with b.

  • Bisector
  • Bezout’s identity
  • Bell curve
  • Base angle
  • Balance point
  • Boundary value problem
  • Block matrix
  • Brouwer fixed-point theorem
  • Beta regression
  • Boundary point
  • Bar chart
  • Big O notation
  • Bessel function
  • Bimodal
  • Brackets
  • Bounded sequence
  • Bottom quartile
  • Bounded
  • Block diagram
  • Binary tree
  • Base
  • Base case
  • Bivariate data
  • Bernoulli trial
  • Bayes’ theorem
  • Beta distribution
  • Binary operation
  • Branch and bound
  • Backward Euler method
  • Barycentric coordinates
  • Beta function
  • Bar graph
  • Bivariate
  • Bijections
  • Balanced equation
  • Backtracking
  • Boolean algebra
  • Binomial
  • Bundle
  • Bridge hand
  • Boundary
  • Box plot
  • Binary
  • Bounded function
  • Binomial coefficient
  • Boundary conditions
  • Bundle map
  • Bayes’ estimator
  • Bisect

math words that start with b

Math Terms That Start With B (Divided by Subjects)

Geometry Terms That Start With B

  • Bisector: A-line, ray, or segment that divides another into two equal parts.
  • Base: The bottom side of a geometric figure or shape.
  • Bisect: To divide something into two equal parts.
  • Box: A three-dimensional rectangular prism with six faces.
  • Boundary: The edge or perimeter of a geometric shape or region.
  • Bezier Curve: A smooth curve defined by control points.
  • Binary Polygon: A polygon with only two sides.
  • Betweenness: The property of a point lying between two others.
  • Bicentric Quadrilateral: A quadrilateral circumscribed and inscribed in circles.
  • Bisection: Dividing an angle or segment into two equal parts.

Algebra Terms That Start With B

  • Binomial: Algebraic expression with two terms.
  • Base: Number raised to power in the exponent.
  • Bivariate: Involving two variables or data sets.
  • Brackets: Symbols () used to group expressions.
  • Back Substitution: Solving equations by working backward.
  • Boundary Point: Value on the edge of a domain.
  • By Factoring: Solving equations by factoring expressions.
  • Base 10: Decimal number system, using powers of 10.
  • Break-even Point: Output where cost equals revenue.

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