50 Math Words That Start With V

List of Math Words That Start With V

Below are common math words that start with v.

  • Variable
  • Vector
  • Vertex
  • Volume
  • Value
  • Vertical
  • Venn diagram
  • Variance
  • Volumes of revolution
  • Vertex angle
  • Variable expression
  • Vector space
  • Variation
  • Vertical line
  • Volume formula
  • Value theorem
  • Vectors and scalars
  • Vertex form
  • Variational calculus
  • Volumes by disks
  • Viscosity
  • Vertical angles
  • Venn diagram intersection
  • Variance formula
  • Vertex of a parabola
  • Vector addition
  • Variable substitution
  • Vertical asymptote
  • Volume integral
  • Viète’s formulas
  • Vertex-edge graph
  • Vector magnitude
  • Variation equation
  • Vertex matrix
  • Volumes by shells
  • Venn diagram union
  • Variance analysis
  • Vector product
  • Vertical stretch
  • Volume ratio
  • Vandermonde matrix
  • Variance-covariance matrix
  • Vertex-disjoint
  • Vector projection
  • Variance reduction
  • Variance inflation factor
  • Venn diagram complement
  • Viscous fluid
  • Vertex connectivity
  • Volume element

math words that start with v

Math Terms That Start With V (Divided by Subjects)

Geometry Terms That Start With V

  • Vertex: Point where lines or edges meet.
  • Vector: Quantity with direction and magnitude.
  • Volume: Measure of space occupied by a three-dimensional object.
  • Vertical Angles: Angles opposite each other when two lines intersect.
  • Venn Diagram: Diagram using overlapping circles to show relationships.
  • Voronoi Diagram: Divides space into regions around given points.
  • Vector Space: Set of vectors closed under addition and scalar multiplication.
  • Vesica Piscis: Shape formed by intersection of two circles.
  • Vortex: Fluid motion with rotating or swirling pattern.
  • Vertex Angle: Angle formed at a vertex of a polygon.

Algebra Terms That Start With V

  • Variable: Symbol representing an unknown quantity.
  • Vector: Quantity with magnitude and direction.
  • Vertex: Point where lines or curves meet.
  • Volume: Measure of space enclosed by a 3D shape.
  • Vertical Line Test: Determines if a graph represents a function.
  • Variance: Measure of data’s spread or dispersion.
  • Variable Expression: Mathematical phrase with variables and operations.
  • Venn Diagram: Diagram illustrating set relationships using overlapping circles.
  • Variation: Relationship between variables’ changes.
  • Vertical Angles: Pairs of opposite angles formed by intersecting lines.

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