Lox Plural, What is the Plural of Lox?

Meaning: liquid oxygen

Singular and Plural of Lox

Singular plural
lox loxes

Lox as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bagel with cream cheese and lox was a classic breakfast choice.
  2. The chef skillfully prepared a dish with thinly sliced lox.
  3. The brunch menu included a variety of lox options.
  4. The delicatessen served generous portions of fresh lox.
  5. The caterer provided an elegant display of lox on a platter.
  6. The food critic praised the restaurant’s quality of lox.
  7. The connoisseur savored the delicate flavor of the smoked lox.
  8. The traditional Jewish dish featured lox and scrambled eggs.
  9. The brunch crowd enjoyed their bagels topped with cream cheese and lox.
  10. The sandwich shop offered a special promotion on their lox bagel.

Lox as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The guests at the party indulged in the platter of assorted lox.
  2. The caterers prepared several trays of bite-sized lox canapés.
  3. The bagel shop sold out of their popular lox sandwiches.
  4. The brunch buffet featured an array of fresh lox options.
  5. The chefs competed in a cooking challenge to create unique dishes using lox.
  6. The deli counter displayed an assortment of smoked fish, including lox.
  7. The bakery offered a variety of cream cheese spreads to pair with the lox.
  8. The culinary school taught students how to properly prepare and slice lox.
  9. The food festival showcased vendors offering different styles of lox.
  10. The brunch menu included a section dedicated to lox-inspired dishes.

Singular Possessive of Lox 

The singular possessive form of “Lox” is “Lox’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Lox:

  1. I bought some Lox’s from the deli.
  2. My friend’s bagel was topped with Lox’s.
  3. The chef prepared a dish with Lox’s as the main ingredient.
  4. The store is known for its fresh Lox’s.
  5. Please pass me the plate of Lox’s.
  6. The sandwich was filled with cream cheese and Lox’s.
  7. The bagel shop serves a variety of Lox’s.
  8. The caterer included a platter of Lox’s in the brunch menu.
  9. The breakfast buffet offered a selection of Lox’s.
  10. The bagel had a generous amount of Lox’s on top.

Plural Possessive of Lox 

The plural possessive form of “Lox” is “Loxes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Lox:

  1. The buffet included various types of bagels and Loxes’.
  2. The bagel shop’s specialty is its selection of Loxes’.
  3. The caterers prepared a tray of sandwiches with Loxes’.
  4. The deli’s menu featured different flavors of cream cheese and Loxes’.
  5. The chef’s secret recipe for the salad dressing included Loxes’.
  6. The bagel platter was served with a side of Loxes’.
  7. The brunch menu included an option for guests to customize their Loxes’.
  8. The food truck offered a special deal on bagel sandwiches with Loxes’.
  9. The restaurant’s signature dish is the smoked salmon with Loxes’.
  10. The catering service provided a platter of bagels and Loxes’ for the event.

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