Swan Plural, What is the Plural of Swan?

Meaning: a large waterbird

Plural of Swan

Singular Plural
swan swans

 Synonyms of Swan

  • stroll
  • saunter
  • mosey
  • amble

Swan as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The elegant swan glided gracefully across the lake.
  2. She watched in awe as the swan spread its wings.
  3. The swan symbolizes beauty and grace in many cultures.
  4. They spotted a pair of mating swans on the river.
  5. The swan moved effortlessly through the water.
  6. The white swan stood out against the green backdrop.
  7. The ballet dancer imitated the movements of a swan.
  8. The swan preened its feathers in the sunlight.
  9. They admired the serene nature of the lone swan.
  10. The children fed breadcrumbs to the friendly swan.

Swan as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lake was filled with a flock of majestic swans.
  2. They observed the mating rituals of the nesting swans.
  3. The swans gracefully swam in unison across the pond.
  4. The park was known for its population of wild swans.
  5. They watched as the baby swans followed their parents.
  6. The group of swans created a stunning sight on the water.
  7. The swans formed a perfect V-shape during their migration.
  8. They captured a photo of the synchronized flight of the swans.
  9. The children excitedly pointed out the family of swans.
  10. The serene lake was home to a community of peaceful swans.

Singular Possessive of Swan

The singular possessive form of “Swan” is “Swan’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Swan:

  1. The Swan’s elegance mesmerized us all.
  2. I love watching a Swan’s graceful movements.
  3. The lake reflected the Swan’s beauty.
  4. The Swan’s feathers were pure white.
  5. Swan’s nest was hidden among the reeds.
  6. Swan’s wingspan is impressive.
  7. The Swan’s presence brought tranquility.
  8. The Swan’s habitat is near water bodies.
  9. The Swan’s offspring followed closely behind.
  10. Swan’s mating dance was a sight to behold.

Plural Possessive of Swan

The plural possessive form of “Swan” is “Swans'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Swan:

  1. The two Swans’ elegance complemented each other.
  2. Both Swans’ nests were in the same area.
  3. The lake was home to the Swans’ families.
  4. The Swans’ feathers were on display at the museum.
  5. We observed the Swans’ mating rituals.
  6. The Swans’ wingspans were measured for research.
  7. The Swans’ migration patterns were studied.
  8. The Swans’ population has increased in recent years.
  9. The park is known for the Swans’ presence.
  10. We admired the Swans’ graceful swimming.

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