Phone Plural, What is the Plural of Phone?

Phone Plural, What is the Plural of Phone?

Meaning: a telephone

Singular and Plural of Phone

Singular Plural
phone phones

Phone as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She answered the phone and greeted the caller.
  2. He left a message on her voicemail when she didn’t pick up the phone.
  3. The phone rang, interrupting their conversation.
  4. She checked her phone for new messages.
  5. He dialed the number on his cell phone.
  6. The phone vibrated, indicating a new notification.
  7. She held the phone to her ear and listened attentively.
  8. The screen of her phone cracked when it fell on the floor.
  9. He used his phone to navigate through the city.
  10. The phone battery was low, so she plugged it in to charge.

Phone as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They compared features of different phones before making a purchase.
  2. The company released new models of their flagship phones.
  3. They put their phones on silent mode during the meeting.
  4. The phones buzzed simultaneously, alerting them to a new message.
  5. The teenagers were engrossed in their phones while waiting for the bus.
  6. The store offers a wide range of accessories for mobile phones.
  7. They exchanged phones to test each other’s camera quality.
  8. The technology conference showcased the latest advancements in mobile phones.
  9. The students used their phones to look up information during the class discussion.
  10. The market is saturated with various brands of affordable phones.

Singular Possessive of Phone

The singular possessive form of “Phone” is “Phone’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Phone:

  1. The battery life of the phone’s latest model is impressive.
  2. The camera quality of the phone’s rear lens exceeds expectations.
  3. The design of the phone’s user interface is user-friendly.
  4. The features of the phone’s operating system are intuitive.
  5. The company released an update to improve the phone’s performance.
  6. The screen resolution of the phone’s display is sharp and vibrant.
  7. The manufacturer provided a warranty for the phone’s hardware.
  8. The app enhances the phone’s functionality with new features.
  9. The sound quality of the phone’s speakers is exceptional.
  10. The device’s security features ensure the phone’s data protection.

Plural Possessive of Phone

The plural possessive form of “Phone” is “Phones'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Phone:

  1. The company offers various models of phones’ with different specifications.
  2. The app developers optimized their software for multiple phones’ compatibility.
  3. The market is flooded with different phones’ accessories and add-ons.
  4. The network providers offer competitive plans for users with multiple phones’.
  5. The repair shop specializes in fixing various phones’ hardware issues.
  6. The store displays the latest phones’ models from different brands.
  7. The industry experts compare and review the phones’ performance.
  8. The app developers aim to enhance phones’ functionality with new updates.
  9. The retailer offers discounts on multiple phones’ purchases.
  10. The consumers have different preferences when it comes to phones’ features and designs.

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