Jedi Plural, What is the plural of Jedi?

Meaning: a member of the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars films.

Plural of Jedi

Singular Plural
Jedi Jedis

Jedi as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Jedi trained in the ways of the Force.
  2. The young boy dreamed of becoming a Jedi.
  3. The Jedi wielded lightsabers to defend peace.
  4. The Jedi knight embarked on a dangerous mission.
  5. The ancient texts contained the wisdom of the Jedi.
  6. The master taught the padawan the Jedi
  7. The Jedi council convened to discuss important matters.
  8. The chosen one was destined to become a Jedi.
  9. The force-sensitive child was recruited into the Jedi
  10. The Jedi faced off against the Sith in an epic duel.

Jedi as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Jedis fought valiantly in the battle against the Sith.
  2. The galaxy was protected by a group of skilled Jedis.
  3. The younglings aspired to become powerful Jedis.
  4. The Jedis trained relentlessly to master their skills.
  5. The Jedis Order had a strict code of conduct.
  6. The council sent a team of Jedis to investigate the disturbance.
  7. The Jedis were revered as guardians of peace and justice.
  8. The fallen Jedis turned to the dark side.
  9. The Jedis temple stood as a symbol of their order.
  10. The Jedis defended the innocent from the forces of evil.

Singular Possessive of Jedi

The singular possessive form of “Jedi” is “Jedi’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Jedi:

  1. Jedi’s wisdom guided the young Padawan.
  2. The teachings of the Jedi’s emphasized balance and harmony.
  3. Jedi’s lightsaber was a symbol of their power.
  4. The code of the Jedi’s governed their actions.
  5. We witnessed the strength of Jedi’s mind control.
  6. Jedi’s connection to the Force was extraordinary.
  7. The training of a Jedi’s required discipline and focus.
  8. Jedi’s mission was to protect the galaxy from evil.
  9. We sought guidance from the wise Jedi’s.
  10. The legend of the Jedi’s grew with each passing generation.

Plural Possessive of Jedi

The plural possessive form of “Jedi” is “Jedi’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Jedi:

  1. We followed the path of the Jedi’s.
  2. The teachings of the ancient Jedi’s guided us.
  3. The lightsabers of the fallen Jedi’s were collected as relics.
  4. We studied the philosophies of the ancient Jedi’s.
  5. The wisdom of the Jedi’s influenced our decisions.
  6. Jedi’s duty was to maintain peace and justice.
  7. The sacrifices of the brave Jedi’s were never forgotten.
  8. We aspired to become Jedi’s and join their ranks.
  9. The legend of the Jedi’s inspired hope in dark times.
  10. The legacy of the fallen Jedi’s lived on in our hearts.

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